Monday, October 31, 2005

Google - awesome, Publishers -douchebags

Back in August, Google announced that, due to various complaints, they were going to stop scanning books from various libraries to try to come up with a way to make authors and publishers feel more comfortable with the project. Since that time, organizations representing both authors and publishers have sued Google -- so apparently the "appeasement" part of the plan isn't working very well. If that's the case, why stop scanning? So, sometime next week, Google plans to get right back to scanning.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bunny rocks. Girls, be more like Bunny and her readers.

I get these emails every day:

"I came across your site through tuckers, which I came across through maddox. Maddox and Tucker ALWAYS make me laugh, but I dont really identify with them at all. They're guys, and I'm a pretty laid back girl(ok, only when I'm drunk).

Anyway. The point of all of this is to thank you for helping me realize my own sexuality. previously, i ignored what I wanted and suppressed myself. Now I know I can't just pretend i was drunk or "in the moment" at the time and get away with it. Bunny, I've gotten girls drunk and convinced them it would be fun and friendly to lick warm fudge and whipped cream off each others' bodies. I've given girls alcohol with the hopes they would get drunk and try making out with me. I've always woken up the next morning feeling guilty and dirty, praying to god i wasnt gay. And I like gay people and all, but I want to be straight. but you helped me realize, hey, I'm straight; I just happen to really like girls' bodies. And touching them."

There it is, folks. I am destined to bring girl on girl love to mainstream America. God, I love being me. Fuck yeah.

A new low in life

As of now 1002 hours of SWG.
Wilmaland update

cool story about wilmaland from dave barry


November 11th
Comedy Central
"The Comedians of Comedy"
Brian Poeshn
Patton Oswald
Zack Galafnakalaissisisisi
and some woman

I dare say may be better then theDave Attel comedy tour.




Saturday, October 29, 2005



ya i was lookin at fusker, came accross pictures from an awesome site, fun from hell...

non-english site of random awesome stuff, stopped updating round march, whatever, long list of shit to go through... heres an awesome video


Friday, October 28, 2005

John Cena (wrestler) Remake Predator...*cry*

"...this idea still sucks, because Predator is the greatest movie ever made. And I don't mean it's the greatest Arnold movie or the greatest alien monster movie, I mean, if I made a list of the greatest musicals where Julie Andrews takes a job as a nanny and teaches the von Trapps to love through song, Predator would still be number 1."
Ugh...Not only do i feel stupider, but my brain hurts now.

10 Mind-numbing quotes by Tom Delay

Well its Halloween again pretty soon...

i totally forgot my kid trap back in new york so i had to build a new one... NEW AND FUCKING IMPROVED!!

Porportions would be fucked up or just too big, so heres a link

whered she go?

laura die or something? i havent seen her on...
Some time ago, tiring of people telling me "Oh, I heard that movie was depressing," I started telling them:
"Every bad movie is depressing. No good movie is depressing."
Sometimes they get it.
Nine Lives

sounds like a cool movie.


"explosively defacated in his pants mid-game."

ask if youre interrested...
Ea will like this (not work safe)


of course doom again:

"Gamers who had been failing out of school because of deathmatching now had an even more addictive compulsion: hacking. They hacked all night. They hacked all day. THey even hacked naked; at the Taylor University computer lab, gamers stripped down for reguler 'skinny-hacking' parties."

Thursday, October 27, 2005

As a general rule, the French can kiss my ass, but they do know how to send out promo pictures for a movie. Our promos are usually just stills of a sassy cartoon cat eating computer generated lasagna or Jackie Chan holding a priceless vase during a karate attack, whereas the French ones show you the T and A of one of the worlds few perfect women. I may or may not have masturbated to a cartoon cat or Jackie Chan, that’s really not the issue and you need to mind your own business, but I’m man enough to admit that the French way is better. And, personally, I want to admit that the French do something right about as much as I want to watch my grandfathers snuff film again. To be honest, I don’t think they really even killed that girl. He just wants to act like a big man. (what would tyler durden do)

Q. How will the hurricanes affect the schools?

A. The school year started earlier than ever this year, smack dab in the middle of hurricane season. Incredibly, the school schedule has been severely disrupted by -- you are going to be very surprised -- hurricanes! Who could have predicted such a thing? In any event, our kids have missed a LOT of school. Many 10th-graders no longer remember the alphabet. This could really hurt our standardized-test scores. So the Broward and Miami-Dade school boards have decided to lengthen the school year by adding a new month, to be inserted between November and December. It will be called ``FCATember.''

Q. You're kidding, right?

A. I don't know any more.

Long article, but sounds cool.
So Dick Cheney's daughter Mary was hired by AOL to work with the chairman. I mean theres nothing wrong with that but lets take some bets. I'm gonna go ahead an bet that while we're "rebuilding" Iraq when it comes to the country's ISPs, AOL/Time Warner gets some special deal.

Japan mind control

crazy japs...

"A special headset was placed on my cranium by my hosts during a recent demonstration at an NTT research center. It sent a very low voltage electric current from the back of my ears through my head — either from left to right or right to left, depending on which way the joystick on a remote-control was moved.

I found the experience unnerving and exhausting: I sought to step straight ahead but kept careening from side to side. Those alternating currents literally threw me off."

crazy japs

ok i continue my conspiracy theory... ok so bush is asking the japs to develop this weird mind control shit and awesome robots. i believe that before bush's next election(like many of you already know) he will declare his empire of the united states of america, or EUSA for short. anyway. once he does this people are gonna rise up in the masses, and what better to stop them than fighting japanese robots and drones... and of course uwe's dark legion of demons will help out...

an ex-boyfriend in high school was a drummer - so he gave me a pair of his old beat-up drumsticks. One night I was really horny and masturbated with it. The next day, my best friend was over at my house and she saw them under my bed - she's like "why do you have these" and I was mentally willing her to put them down, but she kept tapping her face with them and playing around them. I was so worried she was going to smell vagina.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Comedy Yay


November 9, 9:00PM


Masters of Doom

this book is too fucking good

"Elated but exhausted, the team said their good-byes and went home for their first good night's sleep in months. Only Jay stayed behind to watch the game finish uploading. After a half hour, the final bit of Doom data made its way to Wisconsin(where U. of Wisconsin offered to have it so people could download it) The moment it did, ten thousand gamers swamped the site. The weight of their requests was too much. The University of Wisconsin's computer network buckled. David Datta's(wisconsin system admin) computer crashed.
'Oh my god,' he stammered to Jay over the phone. 'I've never seen anything like this.'
Neither had the world."

Best MMO Comic EVER

Image hosted by

holy fuck


i had sex with my brother too..

Geeks: Microsoft off the shitlist?

MS goes back to pc gaming

so... i know thats old but 1up mentioned MS's recommitment to PC gaming so i looked it up and found that. if they can revamp pc games and make vista a wicked environment for games... then well... ill just have to bow down to them as the almighty rulers... and if it doesnt work well ill tip my hat(assuming of course i ever wear one) for trying, so what if it was on slashdot a month ago, kiss my ass, ill fuckin cut you!

When it comes to executing Ninjas, crucifixion has always proven ineffective.

Hipster chick on cell: If it's a vampire party then I'd totally be out of place because I don't look anything like a vampire tonight, I'm wearing, like, a blue kimono.

--2nd & A

Guy on cell: Yeah man like...Red rum backwards is murder....yeah! I

--34th & 10th

Black chick: I'm gonna get me some dead nigga pussy!

--Coney Island

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

William Shatner is awesome

On Boston Legal, one of the employees is suing him for sexual harassment, and he has to go apologize to her so he goes in to a room with her and says:

"I'm an insecure man....sexually. [blah blah missed the middle] I find it's the chubby girls that get offended the easiest, and i like chubby girls, i like chubby sex, what i'm trying to say is, if this is a lonely chubette's cry for help, i'm there for you.
so... we good?"

Smelly priest


the only thing stopping me from going out and raping high school girls is the fact that it totally screws them up and prison. but if it wasn't for that I would buy a panel van and some ether.


A thugged out girl tests all of her ring tones as loud as possible for a solid minute.

Preppy girl: Are you serious with that? Can you do everyone a favor and stop?
Thug girl: I know you're not talking to me. You messed with the wrong girl.
Preppy girl: I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Your screaming phone made me deaf.
Thug girl: I'll f her up. But then she'll call the cops; her people love the cops. Go back to where you came from!
Preppy girl: I'm trying to. That's why I'm on the train, you stupid bitch. Look, you got a new cell phone and that's great, but figure it out at home.
Thug girl: I'll f you up. You're f-ing with the wrong girl. Don't be fooled by the pretty face.
Preppy girl: Pretty face? Where?

--N train

Announcement: Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the delay. We should be moving momentarily...Please be patient.
Guy #1: They always fucking say that! We should be compensated for our time.
Guy #2: Yeah. They should have a coin dispenser that gives back quarters.
Guy #1: Fuck that. That robot voice should give us robot sex.

--6 train

What Matters is a Happy Ending

Girl: God, it's getting so cold! I should've brought my winter coat!
Guy: You don't need a coat, you need a hot man to warm you up.
Girl: I need that, too...but I'd start with a coat.

--Carroll Gardens

Two teens are watching Jeopardy! through a store glass window.

Teen boy #1: I can read lips; that guy said he liked to suck cock.
Teen boy #2: You mean, "What is, 'I like to suck cock'?"

--14th & B

Confirmed: Biological Terrorism Hits New York

My guy friend and I stopped on the sidewalk to finish up a conversation and say goodbye. A man walks by and gave a hard shoulder nudge to my friend and kept walking.

Guy friend: Yeah, excuse me!
Man: You stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. You can't stop in the middle of the sidewalk; people need to get by.

An argument ensues, then the man walks away. He changes his mind, walks back and gets within inches of my friend's face.

Man: I have a cold and I'm going to talk right in your face!

--Broadway & Fulton

funny then gross, here we go


Rape is such an ugly word, I think we should call it "Suprise Sex"

haha, now for the gross


I masturabate with my mums dildo is that wrong i just like it its kinky i mean her cum in my pussy its just so HOT i could explode!!!!


No... god... no... please this...

this cant be happening... no... if there is a driving force in this world, it cannot let this happen... PLEASE WHATEVER YOU ARE PLEASE DONT LET THIS CONTINUE!!

Uwe Bolle wants Postal
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Monday, October 24, 2005

... MoD again

"After Tom had some glossy headshots made of himself following Wolfenstein's success, Romera and Adrian went to town defacing them; the most elaborate example involved a bratwurst, clay testicles, and a can of whipped cream."

ok ok, this is fucking awesome...

about the id offices when they were making doom

"Office destruction became sport. The office was strewn with broken keyboards, smashed monitors, broken disks. Romero might just walk up to Kevin and joke, 'Hey, Kevin, that garbage can is calling you a sad motherfucker.' Kevin would reply dryly, 'It is?' before pummeling the can into the ground."

Video Games

"Story in a [video] game is like a story in a porn movie; it's expected to be there, but it's not that important."
-John Carmack(Whiz Kid)

Teh Sex

Sunday, October 23, 2005


and tell me this isn't Haley Joel Osment in 10 years


Image hosted by


"Beth and a few other women showed up at the apartment. The guys were hard at work. Beth did her best to attract Romero's attention. When nothing elicited a response, she threw up her arms and said, 'Why can't we just have our men come home and have sex with us?'
'Because we're working,' Romero said. Carmack laughed."

Peligro: Danger Cat

Chris's kitten is awesome.

Ampatron rocked.

I was trying to go to sleep, two minutes later, i feel something on my face, open my eyes, he's just staring at me....PUNCHES ME IN THE FUCKING FACE

i had to sleep with my hands over my face, he punched me in the head, i looked at him, he's sitting

"oh shit...he'd better not pounce on my face"
*pounce...on my face*

Ampatron was packed, dre had brass knuckles, all was right with the world.

What lies ahead for the U.S. economy? Will it remain strong? Or will it collapse? Will all the Internet billionaires go broke and be forced to use their Palm Pilots to kill rats for food? Wouldn't that be great?

To answer these questions, we need to understand how the U.S. economy works.

We'll start by following an imaginary dollar bill on its fascinating journey as it circulates through our economic system:

Our dollar is ''born'' in the U.S. Mint when a blank piece of paper goes into a printing press and comes out with a picture of George Washington and a pyramid with a weird eyeball. It then travels, with millions just like it, on a conveyor belt to the office of the Treasury Secretary, who sits at his desk 24 hours a day with a pen and a huge bottle of amphetamines. After he signs the dollar, he places it into circulation by tossing it out the window behind him. At this point, we lose track of it. All we know is that it eventually winds up in the possession of Bill Gates.

Red Button



if i were a cat person, it'd be because of how they taste.

masters of doom

"farmer with a wooden fence post through his groin" ...

:mega uber shudder:

RSS Feed

You fucking noobs need to get RSS feeds on all your blogs so I dont have to go to each page anymore. Im specificlly talking to Laura, Ea, Mellie, and Ed. Get on it.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ed proclamation

Laura's a wuss


ElBifin: yeah, i have to get ready and shit going out into the real world today
arznek: lol WOAH
arznek: ready for that Mr. Truman?

.. no fucking way

-[GB]-Zod: hey lox, hey burn, tell arz i said hi

... wtf...

burn: thats zodiac...


zod: its zodiac from the 98th

and ive just been shocked ever since...
THe digital matte paintings of Mustafar were 25,000 pixels wide. Wow.

That's Why He's Dr. Pepper

Girl: When we were younger, we totally took for granted the fun in playing Spin the Bottle...I would love to play now but it wouldn't be the same.
Man: Yeah, playing now would just end with an abortion two months later.
Girl: Ugh.

--Broadway & 46th

Overheard by: Jeff Rigby

fuckin beautiful

Roger Ebert's Reviews


Did I admire "Domino"? In a sneaky way, yes. It's fractured and maddening, but it's alive. It begins with the materials of a perfectly conventional thriller. It heeds Godard's rule that "all you need for a movie is a girl and a gun." It gives us Keira Knightley in a role all the more astonishing because I've just seen her in "Pride and Prejudice." It not only stars Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken, but uses them instead of just gawking at them. It blows up a Las Vegas casino, and it's a real one, not a fictional one. And it contains the line "I'll never tell you what it all meant," as if anyone could. Seeking guidance in understanding the movie's manic narrative, I poked around online, and discovered in one review the explanation that the movie "totally challenges the bourgeois notion of the nuclear family." Oh.


"Shooting and yelling occur in 'Doom'"

"Doom" has one great shot. It comes right at the beginning. It's the Universal logo. Instead of a spinning Earth with the letters U-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-L rising in the east and centering themselves over Lebanon, Kan., we see the red planet Mars. Then we fly closer to Mars until we see surface details and finally the Olduvai Research Station, helpfully described on the movie's Web site as "a remote scientific facility on Mars" ... where, if you give it but a moment's thought, all of the scientific facilities are remote.
The movie has been "inspired by" the famous video game. No, I haven't played it, and I never will, but I know how it feels not to play it, because I've seen the movie. "Doom" is like some kid came over and is using your computer and won't let you play.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Preface (i.e. things you need to know): Dre is going out with my cousin sammanthata. My cordless phone is broken so it's either listen to hte speakerphone in the kitchen or phone in moms room.

So apparently i dont have the house to myself cause people just change plans or something, but whatever, apparently aunt gladys is sleeping here to watch eric.

So we're just sitting around, i'm on the computer, they're watching beetlejuice, phone rings, speakerphone (closest) and its dre.

"STEVE? YOU FAG! YOU HAVE A BABYSITTER?..*incomprehensible*"

so i hang up on him (apparently he's at sammanthas parents house and uncle sammy told them aunt gladys is here)
and of course he calls back, and i pick it up in moms room.


and then we reminisced about the story with the purse and 'hey i woke up in coney island' story which i will tell later cause its fucking hilarious.

and apparently the last conversation dre remembers having with me that night is as follows:

Me: "You know all those drinks that were in my mouth? They just went to my head"
Dre: "Take a walk you'll feel better"
Me: "Fine, but if i go I'm not coming back"

and then he said i walked half a block came back and said i was hungry
Dear god letters

The absolute best one, "Don't worry about me, i always look both ways"


If automobiles had advanced as fast as computers have technologically, by today the average car would cost $200, get 1,000,000 miles to a gallon of gas, but with some models of cars only able to use selected roads lest they crash and be destroyed, and, once a year, even when being used properly, some of them would randomly explode in a firey mess, killing everyone inside.

From this genius guy's signature.

Train stops for some reason...
Conductor - "If the train moves, I know what I'm doing."


Conductor - "If the train doesn't move, trust me, I still know what I'm doing cuz nobody else could fix it either."

Another pause. Train starts moving.

Conductor - "If anybody asks you, tell them that you were on Darryl's train and it broke and he fixed it all by hisself."

-Blue train to Franconia/Springfield.

Overheard by: Me.

What the fuck is this

Arz's question to us all - what the fuck is this

But this is shiny and cool.


Nipple clamps, crotchropes, vacbeds, pvc, gorgeous ropework

Ridiculously large breasts being tortured

And finally, a semisuspension, corsets, and lots of latex costumes

Stifinbobifin, broadening horizons everyday

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yeah i just spent $149 in ten minutes, and im not done yet.

"watch this" Romero told his friends as he slipped a quarter into the asteroids arcade machine and began to play. The action didnt last long. As he was about to complete a round he felt a heavy grip on his shoulder. "what the fuck dude?" he said assuming one of his friends was trying to mess up his game. Then his face smashed into the machine.

masters of doom = awesome already


ok... addition... romero liked to make very strange comics, one comic called weird which he turn in as a school art project.... 10 ways to torture a person, "poke a needle all over a victoms body and after a few days watch them turn into a giant scab..."
3:30 am
wtf am i still up for i have class.

Speaking of which

Porn (The RACE)

Yeah so i read that porn post and now we're all comparing, apparently i've been fucking slacking and running out of hard drive space.

Me - 500 files total, 89 videos, 3 gigs

Ed - 1000 files total, 25 videos, 4 gigs (ed edit: 1600 files 4.8 gigs)

Rob - 3 gigs

I accidentily plugged my floppy drive in wrong so now the light stays on....It bothers me deep inside.

so... how bout that flippin the floppy cable to fix it? ya im a mega hardware geek, watcha gonna do about it?

The "Robs an Idiot" vote.

Social Engineering: "In the field of computer security, social engineering is the practice of obtaining confidential information by manipulation of legitimate users. A social engineer will commonly use the telephone or Internet to trick people into revealing sensitive information or getting them to do something that is against typical policies. By this method, social engineers exploit the natural tendency of a person to trust his or her word, rather than exploiting computer security holes."

Rob says it's hacking, i say its the opposite. Vote.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


My porn folder is about 1.5 gigs in size :(

what... is that supposed to be... a lot or something? pathetic

Gogol Bordello

New cd -

I love having money. You know when you go through a site for random stuff (T-shirts, lingere, boy/girl respectively) and you just look at all the shit you want?
Well i got bored, so I'm buying all that shit

But wait my old neighbor just called and gave me good news and two awesome quotes.

Good news, paintball next weekend, so I might forget about the shirts so i can buy a barrel.
Nah fuck it, get both.

And quotes,

"So, you take the bus to school or you bag a lunch?"
"...I don't think those two options are related"
"yeah, but its a good conversation starter isn't it?"

"When you're with a bunch of guys and theres like an awkward silence, just say, 'so if you had to get fucked in the ass, would you rather the guy be masculine or feminine?"

The best answer - "Don't know, either way, you're fucked"
The worst answer -
"Dude, its a hypothetical question, it's gonna happen"

Also i learned that if you have a debit card if you're buying something at a store, always say credit cause the only difference is that you have to sign a paper but they charge you $1.75 each time

EDIT: Subtotal before shipping $184

From mistress matisse's blog

"Bizarre sex trivia about me: I once slept with a professional psychic to see if he could tell the difference between a real orgasm and a faked one."

I Love NY

Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen...this is not good.

--N train

Conductor: Step in and stand clear of the doors, folks. If you can't fit, wait for the next train. This is not the last helicopter off the top of the embassy.

--1 train

Bus driver: In case you haven't noticed, we are on a very crowded bus. Please move to the rear. Squeeze in. Step on someone's toes. Make a new friend.

--M7 bus

Conductor: Attention passengers: for future reference, "Stand clear of the closing doors" does not mean "stick your head out the door."

--R train

Bus driver: Lady, you want to tell your kid to put her head back inside the window? She would look stupid with it off.

--B1 bus

WWII Airman found frozen in glacier

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Yesterday, I heard a song which sampled a news clip of a guy talking about a guy who had his friend stick a hamster up his ass. I don't know exactly what happened, but eventually he ended up in a burn unit for severe burns that occured while trying to extricate the hamster.
ElBifin: so whats doing in rhode island/boston
Ashley: not so much right now
Ashley: we cant drink water tho
Ashley: theres a problem with the sewer and we will die
Water Bridge

Fucking Germany, we said they can't have an army and shit after WWII, what do they do? Fucking spend $500 million on an AWESOME WATER BRIDGE

US? What do we do? spend over $100billion on starting a war and GETTING OURSELVES YELLED AT.

Fuckin Bush.
I'm siting here, at work, on New Years eve and I can't wait to split this fucking joint. I work with a load of complete tossers and half have already fucked off for the day. I, however, am stuck waiting for my arsehole of a boss to stop blowing himself so we can have a final last meeting. Hurry the fuck up.

... new years eve? how fuckin old are these?

Jack Fuckface

letters from J. Fuckface to Dr. David Walsh, cool guy, NIMF founder(ya it tries to get rid of violence in video games, but they distanced themselves from mr fuckface, so its all good

ok first of all, ya i suck at typing and grammar or whatever, but hes a fuckin lawyer for god sakes, i thought they were supposed to be good at that shit.

o my god he mentioned the hot coffee mod, everytime i hear... i gag a little... i fucking sware to god, the name itself, i cant hear the words hot and coffee in the same sentence without at least cringing...

next, uhhh ok he mentions ww2, how liberals nowadays label people and think thatll make them go away. if this were the case in his words its like churchill calling hitler a nazi, and doing nothing about it. but people like JF got into the trenches to stop the war... bad metaphore fuck face, it was a draft war(ya i know a lot of guys volunteered, dont fucking defend him, what are you a fucking communist?)... then he goes onto saying people back home protested saying what a nasty business it was to stop the bad people... uhhh last time i checked, that was nam not ww2...

then he talks about ... halo... trained somebody ... (ow my brain) to kill... ITS FUCKING HALO YOU FIGHT ALIENS AND WEIRD DISEASED THINGS CALLED THE FLOOD! HOW DOES THAT APPLY TO THE REAL WORLD!

everything in the letter prior is bullshit and irrelevant however i must remark... i sware while reading it i thought holy shit this guy really sounds like somebody who just got owned on a forum and is trying to defend himself against a flame war, but is doing a very poor job of it...


ok i just saw this... ya penny arcade = mega awesome... donation of 10k IN HIS FUCKING NAME! oh thats such a kick in the balls....

penny arcade says vg cats is awesome, i agree... this line is perfect "Or else? Oh Jack, you're a blue berry muffin of creamy fun."

Monday, October 17, 2005

You know, im happy that Daniel Craig got Bond, I'm glad they're making bond all dark and good and stuff
But fuck, Clive Owen could've done it. Clive Owen is teh win.

Ed was right, this shit is awesome

  • Stubbs The Zombie is a game where you can bite through a man's skull and devour his brain, robbing him of volition and dominating his rapidly cooling body. You may create a wall of shambling men and women who know only your will. Plus, it has co-op.

  • Also, Metroid Prime Pinball and down at the bottom of the page, awesome making fun of jack tompshon, you havent seen it before rob
    Ea doesnt want to go to AMPATRON this weekend cause she's "busy"

    She wont say with what, cause shes a "bitch"

    Feel free to make your own reasons, mine is quots

    ...moving on

    Everybody's favorite video-game-violence activist/lawyer Jack Thompson -- he who likes to blame Grand Theft Auto and the like for crimes -- last week said he'd donate $10,000 to charity if somebody would create a game for him. Strangely, Thompson's request was for a violent game in which the father of a child beaten to death "by a 14-year-old gamer" goes on a rampage for revenge, killing the publisher of the video game, video game merchants, and so on. Not surprisingly, some programmers took him up on his offer, creating a GTA mod where "Banman" -- designed to be a Thompson alter ego -- plays the part of the vengeful father, calling it "Defamation of Character: A Jack Thompson Murder Simulator". Thompson, of course, says his offer was "satire" and won't pay out -- so the people behind a popular online-gaming comic strip are donating $10,000 of their own to charity (in Thompson's name, natch). Thompson says his effort (creatively titled "A Modest Video Game Proposal," so it must have been satire) "was intended to highlight the patent hypocrisy and recklessness exhibited by the video game industry's willingness to target cops, women, homosexuals, and other groups." It's hard to understand why Thompson feels his point has been proven, and other anti-violence creators are beginning to scratch their heads at his tactics and distance themselves from him too.
    I just watched both trailers for Jarhead.


    I'm wet.


    steve... o my god... bmwfilms...

    dude i was starting to lose interrest cuz chosen and follow were like boring but then o my god... STAR IS SO FUCKING AWESOME!! HIS FACE WHEN HES ON THE JUMP WAS PERFECT!!!

    ... just watched powderkeg... that was like.. damn... it was good... and damn...


    ok watching it for like the 6th time... again the sequence is spin the wheel and snap cuz youre so damn cool. i want a bmw, i want 2, if i get the first one shot up by military guys in choppers i need a spare...
    :smirk: "looks like weve lost them sir..." :car drives by: "ahh... lets try again" :SLAM ON THE GAS:

    i wanna at least be a stunt driver...

    ya this is like the eighth edit... WOOHOO :air guitar:

    ok last time i watch it i sware... then im goin to bed... ya...

    somebody turn that scene where he spins the wheel and snaps into a flash animation, i want it as an icon

    Rich is coming back for thanksgiving

    Specifically the 23rd to the 27th, so we need to do something fucking aweosme, you should all be back, start putting up responses, dont be bitches, think of things and put them on.

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    check it out, wait for the awesome intro, then click reel, its even awesomer

    my impression on seeing it:

    "hey thats cool, its very transformers/mechwarrior......OH SHIT HOT GIRLS EVERYWHERE"

    Laura- youll like it, can can dancers + garters

    Edit: rich's reaction "look its a bunch of lauras"

    Sounds like Bond is going to start being good again.

    "I think Craig...perfect...for the next Bond movie," Rechtshaffen beleives.

    "...moodier Bond than what we've seen before....seen him in Layer Cake,...I think...clinched it, Sylvia...Gwyneth Paltrow...Paul Newman's son in The Road to Perdition, he's bringing this kind of darker edge. That's where they're going now."

    The film...based on Ian Fleming's first-ever Bond novel, Casino Royale, published in 1953, which featured none of the trademark Bond gadgets, nor the MI6 gadget-maker, Q.

    In...novel, Bond...mission...neutralize...Russian operative, Le Chiffre, by ruining him at the baccarat table...forcing his Soviet spymasters to "retire" him.
    But, Bond of Texas Hold 'Em poker. a bit of a Canadian twist Bond film.

    Canadian-born screenwriter...director Paul Haggis...nominated...Oscar...adapted screenplay for Million Dollar Baby...directed...successful ensemble piece, Crash, will write the new Bond....

    New Zealand...Martin Campbell...set to direct.

    Campbell said..."tougher and grittier'' than previous films. "It is really the arc in which he becomes Bond...He starts out just having earned his double-0 stripes and comes out at the end the Bond we know and love. A lot of the embryonic Bond things will come out in the film: how he gets the Aston Martin, how he mixes a martini.''

    ...Bond franchise began more than 40 years ago with Dr. No...five actors...played the British spy: Sean Connery and Roger Moore,...well-loved...; Brosnan...four Bond films; George Lazenby, Bond film;...Timothy Dalton,...two.


    once i was having sex with my now-ex and he pulled out and came on my face. i made him lick it off

    .... :shudder:

    The equation is awesome because they gave a song my name "The coolest song in the world"
    and they are directly inspired by ATHF "Revenge of the Wolfen"

    And i should have next weekend all to myself so anyone that wants to come over, sleep over whatever is more than welcome

    WoW events

    PVP action:
    rich is fightin a raptor im just watchin makin sure he can handle it, corner of my eye i see a yellow tag "O MY GOD!" rich-"WHAT WHAT?!" without a response i click his name hes 26, im 27, "O MY GOD O MY GOD!" rich"WHATS GOING ON" still not responding the guys in some bear form or somethin and hes movin fast, immediatly i start chasing, sprint, speed potion, I CHASED HIS ASS DOWN! i finally caught up to him right when my speed and potion were gonna run out, i wish there was a tackle animation cuz thats what i wouldve done. He popped out of his wierd bear form into a night elf(fuckin 12 year olds), so rich sent his lioness thing and started shooting while i tore him apart. oh that was so sweet...

    ya i just logged off when the sun started comming up, weird feeling when its night time here...

    Rich at 5:45

    rich-im on central time... just... like you...
    rich-just like... you... were different from new york... time...
    rich-just... like... you
    "did you just say were alike cuz were different from new york?"
    "cmon before this whole reality show thing started how many times have you reaaaaaaaaaally been in a mexican standoff?"

    South Park = Awesome

    Mr. Garrison on periods:

    "I'm Sorry Wendy, but I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die. "

    Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Fish's doing

    fish is an asshole, its his fault ags broke up, just so everyone knows


    so how does schwarzenegger find the time between being an asshole governer and an asshole actor to sign these asshole bills(yes im referring to the video game bill bitches)... terminator 4... true lies 2... ugh... just ugh...

    When art goes too far

    "Performing artist" drowns himself for art and has friends bring him back.

    Crazy asshole

    snl awesome

    ya its old, i dont care, its still awesome

    trebek-"lets see your answer... buck... well i guess thats your wager, fine... and your answer... futter... buck futter..."
    :sean connery laughing:
    trebek-"i dont... i dont get it"
    sean connery-"oh i think ya do trebeck, i think ya do indeed"
    trebek-"well thanks for joing us-"
    sean connery-"BUCK FUTTER!"
    trebek-"fine whatever, thats it for celebrity jeapordy... i dont know"

    For the geeks only

    3 Clips from the documentary thats going to be on the Episode III DVD. An entire documentary about less then one minute of film of the Mustufar Duel and how complicated it was. Just a summary:

    a 49 second clip of the Obi-Wan Anakin Duel:
    26 Shots
    1185 frames
    910 artists

    70,441 man hours

    Clip 1

    Clip 2
    Clip 3

    Clip 4

    Clip 5

    Friday, October 14, 2005


    last night i was hanging out with my friends and someone told me that this really slutty girl was getting eaten out and the guy stopped and told her that it tasted nasty and put a jolly rancher in her and went to town...what a fucked up city i live in...


    I used to hate my neighbor. I once assualted my neighbor with a baseball bat, it gave him amnesia. I convinced him it was his other neighbor. I have molded him to my will.


    i once stole my best friends diablo 2 account just for the stones of jordan. then i moved away and never talked to him again. the sad thing is that it was totally worth it.

    Here's a thought...

    Sienna Miller for Bond girl?

    Begining of a great costume....

    Now all i gotta do i learn to walk in them....Image hosted by
    Has anyone else noticed something wrong with this blog?

    Nevermind, the Mexican Llamas went away.

    Samy is my fucking hero

    hacked myspace. only thing better would be if he exploded it.

    I haven't been worried about anything in years, but today I was actually afraid of the unknown. Afraid of myspace? No, afraid of FOX's legal department. If you're not aware already, myspace was purchased by FOX only a few weeks back for 580 million dollars. Not online myspace dollars, but actual cash that can buy strippers. With all that money, Tom from myspace could basically do 2 chicks at once, 580 times. Or he could have FOX come after me. I don't want FOX after me.


    I hate doing all the work while having sex. RIDE ME BITCH! RIDE ME!


    ive eaten nothing but chocolate for 3 weeks straight, my piss has gone a dark greeny brown colour and i havnt gone for a shit in a week.


    It's ok that you masturbate. God doesn't hate you.

    It's ok that you've never engaged in coitus. It doesn't matter at all.

    It's ok that you have engaged in coitus. It doesn't matter at all.

    It's ok that you're gay, God doesn't hate you and neither do your friends.

    It's ok to have fantasies about your neighbors, coworkers or classmates.

    It's not ok to cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse.

    It's not ok to be addicted to anything.

    It's not ok to hurt people.

    I'm glad we could clear that up.

    It's not ok that I have a Christ Complex.

    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Right OK FINE



    If you were seperated from the outside world and only had ONE (only ONE) form of communication with the outside world what would it be and why? Real answers. "Special" smells like bullshit.

    1) IM
    2) Phone
    3) E-mail
    4) Snail Mail

    Edit: Ventrilo would count as phone cause its pretty much the same thing just for free. Oh and this just in: I'm a cock because I know e-mail is better then snail mail.

    I love ny

    White guy: God! This is taking forever!
    Black guy: Hey man, you don't like it then go back to Omaha or Ohio or whatever square state you're from.
    White guy: But I'm from Brooklyn.
    Black guy: Then act like it!

    Rob you are not turning this into Steve's blog

    Take toothpaste off. Otherwise we'll have no reason to even check Steve's blog. Plus it's ugly looking.

    See? I can change my reasons to be whiny at the speed of light.

    I play Counter-Strike

    the worst confession of all

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    Class Notes

    L4yer Cake dude...

    Online anonomous confessions - Now in three flavors!

    *Knock!* *Knock!*

    (I look through the eye scope and see 2 women outside smiling, one older, the other younger who was slightly pretty in a innocent way, carrying what look like Bibles and Watchtower magazines.)

    WatchTower Miss: Good morning.

    A33: (holding my black braided cotton rope) “Morning, I’m sorry I really do not have time to talk.”

    WatchTower Miss: “You have no time to become happy?”

    A33: (I smile at her) “My dear, I am VERY happy, see?” (pointing to my eyeliner) I’m having a good makeup day.”

    WatchTower Miss: (smiles dryly) “Ah ok….” (looks at my black rope with knots in it) “You must sail as well? Like Jesus was a fisher of men…”

    A33: ( I lean out a little more closer to her and give her a slightly naughty look) “Sweetie, what I do with this rope and my other “toys”, would NOT be considered holy in your circle, but I guarantee you, if Jesus DID use this rope the way I use it, you’d be wearing a lovely PVC corset right now.”

    Posted by Rope Guy at 1:41 am.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2005


    .....I was trying to explain Heroic Destiny Squad on the message board but everyone there was too incredibly stupid to understand how I am a professional hero and all. It ends where I bet this guy that I will get a show onto a major network (or cable such as Comedy Central) before he does, as both of use are trying to get T.V. shows made. If I win he has to appear on my show doing whatever I want him to do, if he does I have to get a vasectomy.

    Bunny edit: Also, I find Michelle to be pretty, atypical to the TMMB tranny type that is considered super hot around here, but I'd hit it. I'd hit it HARD.
    "Dear Bunny, If I was into muff, I'd try to wear yours like a gasmask."

    Ed learn to read

    put it in the comments?

    steve spend your money on:

    get a website where we can post random shit, move the blog of face out of blogger

    I've got money

    if you read my blog post
    you'll see the last thing, so everyoen give (good) suggestions to what i should spend money on.

    (Yes, i have that much)

    Screenwriting notes for the day

    Image hosted by

    He Was Distributed All Over the Tarmac

    Chick #1: So, that girl from Japan is paying double rent, right? $1600 on her apartment here, and $1800 on the other apartment where she was living. I asked her how she could afford both places and she told me that her Mom and her sister died in a plane crash.
    Chick #2: Holy shit! Which plane crash?
    Chick #1: I don't know, one in Japan.
    Chick #2: So she's rich now, right?
    Chick #3: That's how my friend moved to Miami.


    Trueblood is an awesome photographer

    Man on cell: What do we got?
    Hobo: Get broke and die, that's what we got!

    A minute later.

    Woman passerby: Who?
    Hobo: My dick, that's who!


    Splinter Cell:4 announced, omg cant wait
    spy vs spy, omg sweet... better not be some shitty port from 2, i wanna see the new kickass graphics damnit...


    "China has decided that if you are spending too much time online, you must be an addict. They've just opened a clinic to treat these internet addicts. Scarier is the head gear they have one patient hooked up to, and the fact that they think that this is some sort of epidemic and will shortly be expanding and adding 200 more beds to their clinics. In my opinion, the internet is way better and safer than alcohol and drugs any day. " We also covered this story last july."


    rich thinks penny arcade(with its load of daily users) could be run off of 1 single machine. i believe this to be false.

    geeks discuss
    penny arcade made this charity called childsplay where they get like games and stuff to send to childrens hospitals, they put an amazon site up for people to buy stuff on a wishlist, after bout 15 days they raised $123000 in toys and cash

    theyre doin it again this year... thats like fucking awesome squared...

    Ok Stifin but only this one,,,


    Monday, October 10, 2005

    The short film pulls no punches. It opens with the Smurfs dancing, hand-in-hand, around a campfire and singing the Smurf song. Bluebirds flutter past and rabbits gambol around their familiar village of mushroom- shaped houses until, without warning, bombs begin to rain from the sky.

    Tiny Smurfs scatter and run in vain from the whistling bombs, before being felled by blast waves and fiery explosions. The final scene shows a scorched and tattered Baby Smurf sobbing inconsolably, surrounded by prone Smurfs.

    The final frame bears the message: "Don't let war affect the lives of children."


    Genius and Genius

    Who Needs a Kid If You've Got a Puppy?

    Little girl: Mommy, that guy has a puppy in his car!
    Mommy: How many times do I have to tell you that is the first temptation to kidnap you, stupid!


    Hetard: What did you do that for?
    Shetard: Because I love you.
    Hetard: Why do you love me?
    Shetard: If I have to answer that again this week, I will shoot myself.

    --Port Authority

    After u bums left.....

    Image hosted by

    I win the birthday game

    Up until tonight I thought the only famous person born on my birthday was Mariah Carrey (what a fucking let down) while people like Ed had people like Robert DeNiro born on his.

    But whats that Wikipedia? "Quentin Tarantino (born March 27, 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee)"

    Holy shit Tarantino born on my birthday I win.

    Random fact: One of Tarantino's closest friends is fellow director Robert Rodriguez (the pair often refer to each other as brothers). It was Tarantino who suggested that Rodriguez name the final part of his El Mariachi trilogy Once Upon a Time in Mexico. They are both members of A Band Apart (a reference to the Godard film Bande à part), a production company that also features directors John Woo and Luc Besson.

    Sunday, October 09, 2005


    Here Come 1800 Nickels

    Hobo: You man, got a dollar?
    Suit: Yeah, got change for a hundred?

    --Water & Wall


    Saturday, October 08, 2005


    they made another trailer, but i've never seen cabin fever so i dont know the original premise.

    but the quotes are great.


    you guys go to bed too early... FUCK YOU ALL!

    Friday, October 07, 2005


    Short Video

    More than anything Michael Moore could ever make, this has just made me fucking ashamed to be an american.

    Edit: is crazy collection of completely random videos (not work safe)

    Hey ed lookit


    Miss Indigo Blue teaches tassel twirling for the 21st century. Seattle location, 7–9 pm, $55/$20, to register, or for questions.

    Fucking Classic quotes

    Film teacher:

    "blah blah blah multiple camera angles ... ... the cum shots in porn movies do that alot, with multiple cameras. if you watch closely you can see the colors are different. I used to write about porn alot, but not anymore becaue it doesnt really help you with academia."

    and the all time best quote, from my little brother Eric:

    "you know why its great breaking up catfights? Cause you get to grab boobies."

    They grow up so fast.

    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    Joss Whedon on Serenity:

    "What has made you so interested in the Sci-Fi/Paranormal genre? What about the genre makes you retain your interest?

    Sci-fi is another world, and have you taken a look at this one lately? "

    Said it perfectly.

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Ray ramono standup joke

    Woman #1: Oh, look over there... that is just tragic.
    Woman #2: What?
    Woman #1: Ugly twins.

    "im glad my twins arent ungly, and i hope when they grow up theyll stay handsome, cuz if not then its like, you see the first one and its not so bad until you see another one walkin right behind him, right there. ohhh its ugly ugly."

    it was somethin like that, whatever...


    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    The first part is the best, but the rest is there for the ending.

    Q. Have they started serving alcohol at press screenings in your neck of the woods? I ask because I'm a reviewer in Canada, and perhaps we could ask for the same courtesy here; it would help with movies like "Flightplan." This is one of the most ridiculous movies I've seen this year. It doesn't even make sense before the drop into Steven Seagal territory in the last act. No one has seen the daughter, or anyone leading her away? As "Mad TV's" Marvin Tikvah would say: Come on! More importantly, how could anyone be sure she would be on that plane at that time?

    Nicolas Lacroix, Quebec City

    A. I got a lot of complaints like yours, including a masterpiece of analysis by Andy Ihnatko of Boston that was so thorough I believe he even disproved the existence of the movie itself.

    The key passage in my review was: "After the movie is over, and you are on your way home, some questions may occur to you." I now realize I should have written, "many fundamental, enormous and unanswerable questions may occur to you."

    But let me explain the reasoning behind my review. I believe the movie worked while it was playing. It presented me with a baffling disappearance and then seemed to address it with logic. Then it turned into a film depending on the resourcefulness and imagination of the Jodie Foster character. Yes, I agree, after it's over, you realize there is no way all of the necessary conditions could have been counted upon. But you don't know that at the time, and while watching a thriller, it's what you know at the time that's crucial.

    If you also want it to all be plausible in hindsight, you're probably disappointed when a magician doesn't saw a real person in half and leave the severed corpse on the stage. answerman

    from dave barrys blog

    If you are one of the literally millions of people who grew up believing that scientists would never be able to teach another species to sing the theme song from the TV show Batman, well, guess what.
    Actually updated my blog

    Find Me A Kinky Costume...not this but its nice

    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Stupid poll

    Does bi-weekly mean twice a week or every two weeks?

    I know the answer, just want to see if you do. This was a topic of much debate in the dorm room this morning.

    Sunday, October 02, 2005

    How to destroy the earth

    Current Earth-Destruction Status

    the preamble, some of the first ones and the ridiculous ones are all great

    Dave Barry

    Fiedler: At other times your humor has come very close to reality. I'm going to mention another great humorists, Pat Robertson.

    Barry: I steal a lot of jokes from Pat Robertson.

    Fiedler: Do you? When he said we could save a lot of trouble by just going down and having a bad thing happen to Hugo Chavez.

    Barry: I don't understand why Pat himself never volunteers to go take him on. Didn't he run for president? For a man of God he's got a lot of violent fantasies cause I can remember when ran for president, this was back when you were a political reporter, you and I were traipsing around New Hampshire. I remember sitting with you one evening watching Pat Robertson get up there and say that if anybody took hostages while he was president he would have a Delta Force and the Delta Force would go in. And I remember turning to you and saying, what's a Delta Force? I don't know, I don't know the secret. Fiedler: I couldn't tell you.

    Barry: But anyway, Pat and his Delta Force. Maybe he should use that on Hugo.

    Fiedler: but that whole idea about simply assassinating a foreign leader, now I have to say, Dave, you in one of your presidential (Barry: Did I propose that?) platforms proposed that. In fact, you once said that maybe Saddam Hussein (Barry: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah) would have a shaving accident one day and his head would fall off.

    Barry: That's right. I used to propose that instead of having an armed forces, not that I don't love the armed forces, but that we have a couple of guys named Victor who would periodically have breakfast with the president.

    Fiedler: That's right, we would be a department of two guys named Victor.

    Barry: Or maybe dinner in Reno in a restaurant somewhere and the president would never say anything out front. He would say uh, this Chavez guy, woof(?) what a headache for me, you know what I mean, you know what I mean? That would be all that would be said and there would be, you know, something would happen. Hugo might be mowing the lawn some day and the lawn mower would blow up. Who knows, with lawn mowers?

    Fiedler: It does give you chills. Just a bit. Saddam Hussein have a shaving accident some day and save, I think you said, all those 22-year-olds from having to go after Saddam Hussein because of George Bush.

    Barry: Yeah, just two guys name Victor. One of them could be named Vinnie.


    Hopefully we'll get to washington and Ed's apartment will rival this

    Saturday, October 01, 2005



    john williams is fucking god.
    thats music was fucking so awesome. they narrated all 6 episodes into 2 hours, narration wasnt so great.. few mispronunciations... coureskant... nice job ya jerk, we all(the 7 digipen geeks who decided to go) just looked at each other and laughed. Duel of fates was fucking amazing and loud and awesome. o my god he skipped quickly past look meeting han and they going to aldeeran. i was like fuckers didnt play the cantina music. at the end the conductor was like "we had to compress 15 hours of music into a 2 hour show and of course there are going to be a few things left out. but we have surprise for you all tonight. this tune is from a very well known cantina." oh man thats an awesome song...