Wednesday, January 04, 2006

arznek: can you put your own mp3s on ipods w/out itunes?
ElBifin: don't tell me you're getting one? i dont know if you ever mocked them, but it seems like something you would do, yes you can but you have to install itunes once so it can format the ipod or something gay like that but then you get a plugin for winamp called ml_iPod
arznek: no im not getting one
arznek: i may be hypocritical
arznek: but i'm not fucking gay like that
ElBifin: hahah theres the arz we know and loathe
arznek: lmfao
arznek: i love you too stifin
arznek: right in the old brown hole
ElBifin: you're a freak arz


Blogger The Potato said...

haha, youre both faggets

2:46 AM  

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