Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Reasons why I'm not stupid...

Got an email from Justin. It's nice to know that Johnny Jihad can't blow up emails the way he blows up mail convoys. (Shut up Ed.) Anyway, a little taste of life in Al-Ramadi, Iraq (voted by Time magazine as the worst place to live in the world.)

"anyway, amusing story for the day. so about sixty of us were prepping at
the gate to go out on a mission in the city, when suddenly the incoming
alert goes off as the enemy begins to mortar us, we scatter like cockroaches
when you turn on the lights, running for the nearest building to seek cover.
one of my soldiers is in front of me as he runs into a doorway, i pile in
after him, we are in a room roughly seven feet by seven feet, i start
yelling to push in as we cram more and more people into this tiny room, we
get roughly fifteen people in there and manage to shut the dorr as
explosions start going off. all of a sudden i look at what i am leaning on
in the corner, and realize it's a stack of C-4, i look around and see spools
of det-cord, .50 cal ammo, frag grenades, incidenary grenades, tnt, and a
variety of other munitions stacked on shelves. all of a sudden i realize at
the same time as a buddy of mine that we just ran in the engineer's demo
storage room to seek cover. all we could do was look at each other start
laughing and say this is a bad room over and over again till the mortars
stopped impacting."

Like something out of Looney Tunes, light a match and realize you're in a room full of dynamite.


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