Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Swedish pirates form political party

Ooo Ah make RIAA walk the plank

By Nick Farrell: Tuesday 03 January 2006, 06:55
A BUNCH of Swedish file sharers have got together to form their own political party.

The Pirate Party (Piratpartiet) said that it is tired of being deemed a criminals and terrorists by the system for sharing a few measly files for no financial gain or loss to anyone.

In its manifesto, here, which is in Swedish, the party says that it is against seeing the developing world starve because the developed world refuses to share its intellectual property.

Its massage is that corporations are engaging in racketeering in the developing world and a few power hungry individuals and greedy corporate entities are infringing on privacy and integrity. Piratpartiet says that it will strike out immaterial law, ignore WIPO and WT, and annul any further treaties or policies that hinder the free flow of information. They will refuse to allow data retention nonsense based on terrorism claims or failed RIAA business models.

The new party, wants to break the four per cent barrier (225 000 votes) this autumn to take up seats in parliament.

Even if they the party gets no-one elected, it is clear that it does represent a backlash against copyright protection laws and the antics of the RIAA and its ilk.


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