Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Reddit joke thread


Doctor: "I've got some bad news and some really bad news. The bad news is you only have a week to live."

Patient: "What could be worse news than that?"

Doctor: "I've been trying to contact you for the last 6 days."


How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?

THATS NOT FUNNY (must yell it)


How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?

THATS NOT FUNNY (must yell it)
martinbishop 17 points 6 hours ago
Trick question, feminists can't change anything.

Zing! :)
If you’re looking for a fun/cheap way to get yourself to PAX this year you might want to consider one of the Supertrips. These are essentially massive geek caravans and this year you’ve got two to choose from. If you are west side for life you can hit up the site for the west coast supertrip. If you’re on the east coast or pretty much anyplace in between you should check out the cross country supertrip. These crazy muther fuckers are actually planning to drive from NYC to Bellevue and back.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fuck yeah looks like someone heard our conversation yesterday. Evolution at it's finest.

Trix's knee is fucked up. We need a nickname for her.

Alright, another random bit.

"As we waited for a hardpoint to open up I took advantage of a wonderful boy who offered to black my boots. In the proper, “old guard” fashion he lovingly cleaned and polished my work-worn doc martens. His strong, polished stained fingers worked miracles on my dry, gritty boots. Sitting there with Tambo and enjoying the moment, what would happen? A woman dressed as Wonder Woman dashes out of the dungeon screaming in distress? Her pursuer? A boy dressed in a complete, and I mean complete Spiderman costume. What followed was the stuff of every comic book reader’s wet dream. Wonder Woman, bound and dominated with her own lasso of truth. I looked over at my beautiful wife (dressed in a PVC ball gown that would end up cut to ribbons by me before the night was thru) and laughed with delight.

This, this is my life. "

Random thing

I found on the list - Kevin Bacon and Your Mom.

Vivid Eats ::
Coffee, Dirwood kirby burger, Ice Creme, Frosting from the freezer served with a butter knife, sushi, fishes, Mint, white chocolate, taquitos, pasta, red sauce, spagetti, $5 shakes, mint tea, italian bread, perogies, soar creme, crab, Kevin Bacon, miso soup, sausage, burritos, hash browns, hanni, hawaiian chicken salad, pineapple, banana, granola, pudding, pumpkin pie, potatoe soup, french baggetts, everything bagels, popcorn, Pizza Lunchables, brie, Homocil, raspberries, chai, apple pie, caramel, cappucinno, cucumber, esspresso, tacos, nachos, creme cheese, Partially geleatinated diary-free gum-based beverages aka "shakes", royal with cheese, olives, rice, mexican sauce, alfredo, Adam West, cream brulle, buttered noodles, asparagus. white corn, cranberry sauce, Salad Fingers, dried blueberries, oolong tea, carmel apples, avocado, kitkats, lobster bisque, meatballs, Shaken Bake, fried mush, biskits n gravy, banana split, Krusty Burgers, fried chicken with extra skin, chicken parmesian, hot dogs, more coffee, green beans, canned corn, brocolli and cheddar, bread bowls, turkey legs, wine, frozen boxed lasagna, baclava, MUSTARD, im drinking coffee now, Gypsy Cremes, Derby Scones, Londonberry crumble, baxter cakes, beetles, peas pudding, chicken tenders, paste, honey, Joey Special [2 pizzas], pickles, over easy eggs, octopus puffs, creme puffs, bacon, peas, tuna, miracle whip, basil, raw garlic, menchii cutlet, cheese sticks, fruit leather, mac and cheese, oatmeal, tomatoes raw with salt, vodka, muster cheese, jelly beans, literally hendersen valley eggs, orange juice, bread sticks, cowda', walnuts, cold steak with salt, liquid chocolate, soy milk, whiskey, CrispyPops, pancakes mmmm pancakes, silly putty, poboys, gispacho, boarsh, okanomiyaki, frog legs, side salads, Macauley Caulkin, spanish rice, ranch, pine nuts, wheat germ, honey mustard, gouda, green tea ice creme, omelttes, mandarin, maceral, cheeseburgers, sliders, unfrosted poptarts, Orange Mocha Frappucino, sparkling cider, baby carrots, strawberry eggo, Granny Smith Apples, Triskits, salami, fruit smoothies, extra sharp chedder, dasani, reese cups, peanut butter and jelly on a cracker, daqueries, red bull, buttered graham crackers, muffins, butterscotch pudding, cheese fries, pistachio, parsnips, feta cheese, JokerFish, spearmint toothpaste, cock, peatnut butter soup with smoked duck and mashed squash and then the red snapper with violets and pine nuts... I think that would follow nicely, marshmellows, Captin Crunch, scallops, stuffed mushroom, RootBeer, deviled eggs, chocolate covered strawberries, spagetti Os, you've never seen a free ice creme before?, hot pockets, pizza rolls, stir fry, Pad Thai, ceasar salad, goat cheese, buttered tongs and a zuccini, yellow corn, HoHos, Beef Sticks, slime, Iced cappucino, curley fries, scalloped potatoes, crullers, eclairs, drugs, creme cheese breakfast cake, rum cake, haggis, potatoe chips, salsa, sour creme dognuts, mashed potatoes, chicken de van, french silk, honey turkey, london broil, ya, shrimp, chicken gordon blu, squirrel, duck, chick peas, butter, crab cakes, pixie sticks, ketcup, Africa Jolie-Pitts, star bursts, radishs, breakfast balls, dark chocolate, brown rice and vegitables, doggiechow, mint dental floss, sparkelly blue toothpaste, "tots", pepto bismol, birth control, orange tic tacs, pink orbitz gum, juice, FuFu Berry Jones, lemonade, tofu, quesadillas, lettuce, awesome blossum, cheezits, Nacho Hats, sourthwest pizza fingers, Mos Hobo Chicken Chilli, Fugu, Spagetti and MoBalls, flan, Shark Butt with Butt sauce, string cheese, Honey Maple Ranch, your mom, caffinated bacon, RedHotChilliPeppers, admirdal crunch, arch duke chocula....


Monday, May 29, 2006

Geneticist claims to have found 'God gene' in humans

An American molecular geneticist has concluded after comparing more than 2,000 DNA samples that a person's capacity to believe in God is linked to brain chemicals.

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Great tip if your phone gets lost or stolen

There is a simple way of making lost or stolen mobiles useless to
thieves and the phone companies know about it, but keep it quiet.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

The one part I actually missed.

Blue Angels


Guess where I'm going tomorrow...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tech or no tech, THIS MUST BE HEARD

"They didn't know that Lester's wife had turned on a tape recorder in the kitchen. When Lester exercised his constitutional right not to sign a consent to search his house, these officers spent the next two hours torturing him."

MP3 audio is attached. Spread this like wildfire people.

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Frobby Films News Studio

Steve this all was spawned from the "making the camera" discussion.

Friday, May 26, 2006


I noticed while I was folding my shirts today that:

Top 25 worst tech products of all time

A good list, because #1 and #2, respectively are AOL and Realplayer

Thursday, May 25, 2006

HNT--you vote

Trying on my old bikinis...which one should i wear to the beach?


alright i was thinkin party monday, my basement, whos in?



Since the best Superman Returns trailer came out this week how about a Superman themed HNT? This is Erica Durance who plays Lois Lane on Smallville. For the record that episode kicked ass.

Brother's Show

June 5th, New York Improv

my brothers doing a show in the city. He wants people so let me know who wants to go. AND QUIT BEING AFRAID OF THE CITY!

Random stuff

Barrel rolls and loops and pouring iced tea all with the engines dead.

The teenager frequency alarm has finally been adapted by teenagers

Torrentspy is suing the MPAA and did you know the MPAA and FexEx trained dogs to sniff out DVD's? seriously.

Pat Kiernan reading the newspapers on NY1

Theres an opinion piece in the Times comparing traffic congestion in Manhattan to the USSR.

"Apparently Cate Blanchett has been cast to play Bob Dylan in a movie about his life......Yes Cate Blanchett....
...I...I...guess....I mean i guess theres some resemblance there...
but I would feel uncomfortable if a woman was cast to play.....
.....Pat Kiernan in the Pat Kiernan movie....
not that theirs going to be one.....
....*trails off*"
Quick and dirty Mosquito Trap

And an alternate:
"My Dad used to get rid of hornet’s nests by getting a propane torch out and a garbage can. You place the can under the opening to the nest, at least two feet. Fire up the torch. place the torch 1 inch from the bottom of the nest opening, parallel to the ground. Give the nest a good jolt. As the hornets or wasps fry out to engage the enemy, the heat from the torch burns off thier wings in an instant and they fall benignly into the trash can. pour water in to kill them off et voila.
Not for the faint of heart."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Better Random conversation than steve's

Rob: "most people end up with jobs as a PA, work years in that without ever getting anywhere, then the oppertunity comes round to be a Grip and get way overpaid for manual labor. Then you get laid off and freak out and the cycle repeats"
Rob: yea
Me: replace grip with tools maker, or maybe worst, tester *shudder*
Rob: oh well, id rather be dirt poor and a PA for the enxt few years then at some boring office job praying for death
Me: ya, if i can afford to eat well, pay for basics, and maybe try and pay off college debts, i dont really need excessive shit
Me: crystal ducks, seriously, who the fuck buys those
Rob: yea i agree ::hides crystal animal catalog::
Me: what was that?
Me: *snatches catalog* WHATS THIS?!
Rob: :(
Me: rob you sicken me!
Rob: but its a crystal kitten!
Me: and how much did it cost? hm?
Me: HM?!
Me: so we hangin out tomorrow?
Rob: 1000
Me: 1000 pennies huh? eh 10 bucks isnt so bad
Rob: 1000 pounds
Me: WO!
Me: pounds of what?
Rob: so like 100000 dollars
Me: didnt know we went back to a barter system
Rob: pounds
Rob: britian
Rob: that weird L with the squily
Rob: british children
Rob: worth more
Rob: grow up into strong manual workers

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I got the Alphabet of Manliness today, and it rocks, i almost finished it. (only cause i've been reading it on the trains for 4 hours straight)

Realized i haven't checked Tucker Max in awhile and found out he already has another book in the works

That is all.
Mental state rapidly deteriorating, no condition to read,s omeone summarise for me.

Fake Disease created to promote A Scanner Darkly

This is pretty funny

If you are using the Google search engine and your subject is sex, it is virtually impossible to come up with a phrase so banal or absurd that no one has written it before. I keep trying, and failing. I will, for example, type in the word "breasts" preceded by an adjective that no normal person would ever use (say, "rambunctious"), and someone always has. (In the case of "rambunctious breasts," three morons have used it; it will be four after this column gets archived.)


It's not just sleaze. It's sleaze seasoned by immaturity, and that can be really entertaining if you approach it with a sense of adventure. If you type in the gerund form of the verb "to come" as it is commonly misspelled by vulgarians when used in a sexual context, you get, unsurprisingly, 12 million hits. But if you add a second m -- for emphasis, presumably -- you still get 20,000. Keep trying. It is not until you enter the word with thirty-two consecutive m's that you fail to elicit a single hit.

and finally

To me, this qualifies as a sexual thought: "Whoa . . . niiice!"

Not to Randy. To Randy, "Whoa . . . niiice" is no more worthy of note than an eye blink or a hiccup -- to him, "Whoa . . . niiice" is so much a part of the male mental lexicon that it does not actually qualify as a "thought." His definition of a sexual thought apparently requires tactile, auditory and olfactory imagings, stress vectors, angles of inclination, costuming, role-playing, restraints, parasympathetic nerve activity, reverse-angle cinematography and fruit.

Under that particular criterion, we agreed that the estimate of "a dozen" is, in a word, accurate.

I just checked "accurate breasts." There were 170 Google hits.

Monday, May 22, 2006

My Minutes 7: Final Charge - Special Edition

I'm also looking into these free "Director" accounts at YouTube which would allow me to put up videos longer then 10 minutes. I present to you:

My Minutes 7: Final Charge Special Edition


Somebody post something

greatest quote "it wasn't until i showed him all those pieces of himself that he said...just a name"

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Random distractions from papers

MYTH: Women understand relationships; men don't.

TRUTH: This myth is perpetuated by women, pussy-whipped men, and psychiatrists. If women truly understood relationships... that is, if they understood relationships with men... then we wouldn't have a 45% divorce rate. Maybe back in the pioneer days women understood relationships. These days, they have coffee with their girlfriends, talk about "men", examine and dissect relationships, study interpersonal dynamics, talk, talk, talk about what works and what doesn't, then go out and perfectly screw up their next relationship. I know. I've watched it happen from the sidelines.

Women spend more time analyzing relationships; they talk about them incessantly, and in doing so discover more truths than men know. However, all of this talk in a vacuum also means that their heads are filled with more bullshit and myth than are men's. The combination of superior insight and copious nonsense puts them right back where we are. Men tend to see what's going on in a relationship more clearly, but have no idea how to express what they see or what to do about it. Women would probably know what to do about it if they could only see it as it truly is, instead of through a fog of preconception.

The other big difference between the sexes is that women are absolutely certain that they know what is going on, whereas men make no such claim. The last man who claimed to have his own radical theories about relationships was Freud, and nobody pays any attention to him any more. It is women's ideas about relationships and why they do or don't work that have been imported lock, stock, and barrel into the field of psychiatry. Most male therapists you'll meet are basically honorary women with university degrees, and as such they don't really understand relationships either.
I'm home.

I have a new hobby... running. Yes, for once, Laura is not hiding from physical activity. I am going running with my boyfriend and I am enjoying it. I feel pain, but I love it.

Time for a bath and sleep. A two hour nap in the car is not enough sleep to make up for the past two days without any...

Friday, May 19, 2006

This is my favorite one so far

Spring Cleaning

Noticed my CPU fan sounded it was running at 10 times the speed it should so I shut 'er down and took a look. I had to remove the heatsink and fan so I could better remove the caked dust. I mean I saw no grill of a heatsink, just a fan on top of a solid layer of dust. I saved what I could for a picture.

my basement

well my basements finally completely cleared out, wanna get some entertainment in there, maybe a party sometime in the future...

This is moronic

dun feel like type


The Titan mose actually looks pretty cool. I just wish the game would run that great on my PC even though it wont. Still though, as cool as it looked I heard the Spore trailer music in the background (since they were both at the EA booth) and I ended up wanting to play spore more then that.

Heres another one.

Stab him! Stab him! Stab him! I AM A KILLING MACHINE!

Pretty lame HNT

So now it's Friday and I was the only one who put up a HNT. What gives?

Random Logs

Rob: on a monday evening?
ElBifin: SHUT UP
*** Auto-response from Rob: I am currently away from the computer.
Rob: because thats uncommon
ElBifin: it wasnt my hambdurger
Rob: so how did you get drunk? was it like an office party?
ElBifin: i will respond later when i can respond properly
ElBifin: everclear. thats important to the story though
ElBifin: talk slow
ElBifin: not extremly slow
ElBifin: yeah i got it
ElBifin: lucas
ElBifin: fucker
ElBifin: suck his cock
ElBifin: i got it it was for the future of notice
ElBifin: future notice
ElBifin: you know what i mean
ElBifin: first, get back in vent you whiny bitch
ElBifin: second did you read the PA news update? its weird or something
Rob: yes
ElBifin: third, im not that drunk, im just kinda drunk and if you stop being SUCH A WHINY FUCKBITCH ill give you pictures of rich and me wasted
ElBifin: and you will laugh
ElBifin: till you cry
ElBifin: you're a bitch, lets fight
ElBifin: you ARE a bitch
Session Close (Rob): Mon May 15 21:53:04 2006

Thursday, May 18, 2006

John Hodgman

"It was an interesting proposition, but ultimatley flawed. If you make the smokestacks out of children...then who will you force to clean them?"

HNT- Liz Hurley

I would say she's still fairly hot for 41


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The oops list

For unlimited material for photoshop, stupid flash movies etc.

The oops list

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

Made for the Army life...

I am freakishly organized, a thorough cleaner, I pay attention to detail, and I am capable of getting things done within certain time periods.

If I had the task of packing up house and moving every year... I like to think I'd be able to do it.

Army life, here I come.

Or the way things have been going, Marine Officer Wife Life... w00t.

PS - What brought this on is the current task of packing/cleaning/moving the dorm room.

No soccer Ed

I knew there was a reason i said that. I have a paper to hand in tuesday.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Keep Your Jesus off my Penis

Arz Quote

"So I have a dick joke, and a ball joke, this month."

Monday, May 15, 2006

Ridiculously early HNT

Ur are getting my HNT today instead of Thursday...its worth it kids lol

As Steff says...we are too hot for this pic to not be floating around on the internet

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ask A Ninja

They are all fucking awesome but I'll only throw one up here.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


This is a crazy video. after effects like a fox. tiger.


And here's some random thing

Microwave CD's

Movie review, M-I:III


Friday, May 12, 2006

End of the year...

Jenny is going 24 hours from now. Ainsley is already gone. Meg and I are sticking around for another week. Pat's roommates will all be gone by Tuesday (hehe).

My room is an explosion of boxes and things I haven't seen since we moved in.

I have one final left, finished four so far.

And my new favorite song goes like this:

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life
Never take a pretty girl as a wife
Go from my personal point of view
Get an ugly girl to marry you...

See you all in a week.

Shut up, its 4am

WTf is this, and apnea is so fucking hot.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Old halloween pic

Rare Mirage Last for 4 Hours Off East China (Pictures)

A mirage appears off the shore of Penglai City in eastern China's Shandong Province on Sunday, May 7, 2005.Thousands of tourists and local residents witnessed a mirage of high clarity lasting for four hours off the shore of Penglai City in east China's Shandong Province on Sunday.

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Improv Everywhere

This site is just awesome. All of their missions are crazy and they're in NYC also.

No-Pants 2k6

HNT - Shitty half-shaved picture

Random idea, figured i'd shave half my face, then realized that meant i had to shave the other half later.

As a matter of fact, i forgot to do that.


Fun Fact: Jessica Alba being hot is actually a law of nature. If she were ever to be NOT hot the universe would actually implode on itself.


Link to video

point of the video... samus without her suit.. WEEEE FANBOY OMFG TIME!

now we just need that movie...

Thoughts on HNT...

Nothing nekkid about this pic, but I know Stif will appreciate it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The 1 second film.

this is so fucking awesome

Their website.

New Wii Controller

The possibilites are endless.

Why isn't this now out NOW?
This is a good article, and it informed me that Colbert's white house dinner appearance has its own website.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006



Apparently there are a few classes which take place completely online.

Can you imagine cutting down a hour and a half, 2 train commute to a 30 second, no pants commute?


If you downloaded the internet to your brain, what do you think would happen?

My theory: Your head turns into a giant liberal blog....turret.

Below the neck? manifestation of billions of porn images.

Monday, May 08, 2006


So how much do you have to pay for a PS3?


Wait thats not all. For $500 you get the dumbed down version thats NOT wireless comes with NO memory card and NO HDMI plug.

So that means get ready to pay an extra hundred for all that. Tack on 47 bucks for tax. Another 60 for a game (but lets me honest. You know the bundles will be 3 games minimum.) So more like 180. So thats a grand total of about $830 bucks to play a shitty console thats bound to come in 3rd in this gens console wars. GOOD GAME SONY.

I think i'll take my $200 +/- Wii.

Happy National Masturbation month

Just for fun: A PSA from Laura...

I hate finals.

I can't wait to be an armywife.

And now: A PSA from Fish


Cyanide and Happiness

if Ea has seen this, great, if not, even better...

ahem... braveheart's overrated... AAAAAAAAAAHA!!
dazed: yeah my mom caught my brother jacking off to Powerpuff Girls
dazed: she didnt yell at him because she was laughing so hard
dazed: she just told everyone at his birthday party the next day
BaileD: You have the most fucked up family ever. Period.

Why i Quit HIV

Here's something new for you to argue over. Kind of long, here's the jist.

The real victims in this mess are those whose lives are turned upside-down by the stigma of an HIV diagnosis. These people, most of whom are perfectly healthy, are encouraged to avoid intimacy and are further branded with the implication that they were somehow dreadfully foolish and careless. Worse, they are encouraged to take massive daily doses of some of the most toxic drugs ever manufactured. HIV, for many years, has fulfilled the role of a microscopic terrorist. People have lost their jobs, been denied entry into the Armed Forces, been refused residency in and even entry into some countries, even been charged with assault or murder for having consensual sex; babies have been taken from their mothers and had toxic medications forced down their throats. There is no precedent for this type of behavior, as it is all in the name of a completely unproven, fundamentally flawed hypothesis, on the basis of highly suspect, indirect tests for supposed infection with an allegedly deadly virus – a virus that has never been observed to do much of anything.

P.S. - Look! its a naked lady in a ferrari!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Vent marks are hot

So sitting for a few hours with my laptop in my lap in shorts results in nice red vent marks...kinky

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Random followup to the school debate. (Now with solutions!)

This sounds really cool and a while ago i heard of some high schools that let you build your own curriculum or something, but i never acutally looked into them.


And from the first link on that page is a quote explaining one of the schools he refers to.

The basic idea is, how can we expect to raise effective citizens of a participatory democracy if they are treated like slaves for 12 years? At windsor house, there's lots of rules, but other than basic safety regulations, every rule can be challenged and changed by majority vote of the student/staff/parent assembly. It is that rarest of beasts - a happy school. It can be done...

Blazing Saddles

I love Mel Brooks.

"no no, don't do that, if you shoot him, you'll just make him angry"

"Hello Sherrif, sorry about the 'up yours nigger' this morning, i hope this apple pie will help me thank you for defeating that horrible mongo. of course you'll have the good taste not to mention to anyone that i talked to you"

"hmm, in 25 years you'll be able to shake their hands in broad daylight"

Matt Leabo Quote

"Let's fill her vagina with sand!"

Saturday, May 06, 2006


I don't know who or why the guy is there but who can say no to a skirt that can't quite cover a perfect ass

Friday, May 05, 2006

Here's 10 good videos. no, 9, the paris hilton one sucks.

And does this look blatantly or shamelessly ripped off from Old English? I can't decide which.

Zelda Wii to feature third Olsen twin

I�ll gladly take teenage punk over baby Link. But wait, this is a familiar face�. I think I have seen it somewhere. The big eyes�. the femenine cheekbones�. the pouty lips�.. the cosmopolitan hair�. OMG HE LOOKS LIKE THE OLSEN TWINS!

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Happy No Pants Day !

No Pants Day has arrived.. Rejoice
"Women do you think guys are fucking idiots??"

Women: "YEAH!!"

"well i don't think you should say that, because most of the time, they're fucking you"

*Men Cheer*

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Eric shooting

HNT- Krista Allen


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

HNT - This is all you're getting from me today

Ed! Where are you when i need you?


To the thing about Diebold and all those voting machine thingys.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Steven Soderbergh has a better plan

Steven Soderbergh wants to fix the film industry with salary caps for actors, banning ads before movies and simultaneously releasing films in theaters and on DVD


English Casino Royale Trailer in better quality

Something Awful

My life as a legionnaire

“I was so young and so keen, so motivated to succeed, that it didn’t enter my mind to think about how I felt about any of it. You fight your mates and you really get into it — it’s actually quite fun beating each other up.”,,20029-2160158,00.html

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stupidity in our midst, not that we're surprised...

I Could Use Some Sort of Herbal Refreshment.

Girl #1: This isn't ice tea...
Girl #2: Right. There's no ice in it. The difference between ice tea and tea is that ice tea is cold.
Girl #1: This is cold.
Girl #2: Then it's ice tea.
Girl #1: But that's not the difference.
Girl #2: That's unsweetened ice tea.
Girl #1: Then it's tea.

--Bay Terrace Shopping Center, Queens

Full New Superman Trailer

Warner Bros. Pictures has revealed the new trailer for director Bryan Singer's anticipated Superman Returns, hitting conventional theaters, IMAX and IMAX 3D on June 30th.


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Stephen Colbert video

So yea Steve that Stephen Colbert video was great but I like the you-tube video title better. "Colbert and his big balls rip bush open"

The Best Counter-Strike Video EVER

"Counter-Struck tells the story of a gamer so obsessed with Counter-Strike that his distinction of what is real and what is not slowly fades away." All in all, a nicely done video. Worth the watch.

Fish- CS is gay but this movies pretty funny. Could have used music but everything else was done really really well

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Judge Approves Netflix Settlement - Free Month for Millions of People...

5.5 million current and former Netflix subscribers are entitled to either a free month, or an extra DVD for a month. When the settlement had been reached initially, Netflix was planning on automatically charging subscribers for the extra service at the end of the free month if they didn't login to their account to cancel. That's no longer the case.

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Sign the petition, stop Nintendo from becoming an evil corporation before it starts

United 93 & Other Films to Note

Links first:

Director Richard Linklater who made the quite boring but visually interesting Waking Life has made another rotoscoped film called "A Scanner Darkly". It looks really interesting and now we'll hopefully have a movie where the visuals and the plot are equally as interesting. Can't wait. Trailer.

Some French TV station released a teaser trailer for Casino Royale, the new 007, movie. The first half of the trailer is a little distracting with the insanely loud French dialog but the 2nd half rocks. They could remix the James Bond theme 100 times and it will never stop sounding awesome. Trailer.

United 93.

Wow. Ok first of as a movie it was well made. Shot well, edited REALLY well (especially the ending). The score is decent throughout the movie but again, at the ending it really picks up. The pacing is alright, although I think the first half of the movie focuses on the flight control centers a bit too much.

I like how they treated the terrorists. They didn't present them as horribly exaggerated smelly middle eastern monsters, but at the same time they didn't sympathize or excuse them for what they did. They showed them as human beings and in a way that I didn't walk out hating them (mostly because I was outweighed by the sorrow for the passengers) but still wondering how they could do such a thing.

As a film about 9/11 I think it was handled really well. No bias. No politics. No theories. Just what happened in an almost documentary like style. It wasn't over dramatized. No big patriotic speeches towards the end or single acts of heroics.

The ending. I won't give away the ending (yes I know we all know how it really ended but in terms of where the film ended I won't give it away) however it was... amazing. I cannot say this is the best film I have ever saw because I know I have seen better. However, I can say honestly, that no movie ending has ever affected me as much as this one. I could not sit still. I was gripping my own knee. I was trembling and even Ed claims he was shivering at the ending.

I cried. Not boo-hoo bawling but there were tears. It's the third time I have cried during a movie and the other two times it was really triggered by my thoughts. Certain scenes I would watch and I would think about them and that would trigger it. Not in this case. It was an uncontrollable thing. I couldn't form a logical thought in my mind if I tried during that last scene. I think that's what makes it so powerful is the fact that my entire reaction to that ending was completely involentary and uncontrollable.

I noticed some people leave after a few key parts and I guess for some people it just isn't time. I loved it for the fact that it could affect me as much as it did and I can only hope that one day I could make a movie that can do the same to others. I want to go see this again soon (I wish someone would pirate it already so I wouldn't have to spend another $10.75. That’s not to say it wasn't worth it the first time.)

P.S. Some baby in the row in front of us threw up on his mom's arm/lap. That’s what you get for bringing a fucking two year old to that kind of movie. It was great. I hear *cough* *cough* *gurgle* *gurgle* and before I can even finish thinking it *BLEGH!*
I don't know if this is old or not but i don't care.

Rob, i just stumbled onto your blog. Clearly a sign i need to go to sleep now.

Hey! Look what i found!

Me shooting a CAR-1 with a holographic scope, A sniper rifle, and a Mosin-Nagant!!! Hooray!

and Jon Voight! Who is awesome!

(videos are in .mov format so i can't watch them so ill put them up some other time.)

Random quote from dad

Driving around Ridgewood looking for a parking spot (Think parking in brooklyn near a bunch of apartments on christmas or...SuperBowl Sunday....every day) he says:

"I know every single driveway and fire hydrant within ten blocks of my house. I could drive down this block at 60 Miles an hour and see if there's a spot"