Friday, February 29, 2008

New Threat

Kind of a cryer...


Trailer for Battlefield: Heroes.

Don't really know what to think. I like the graphics. I like the territorial meta game. However I'm not digging shit like two people sitting on a planes wing. Either way it's free so why not give it a try. As long as it's fun.

P.S. - You could probably put that Battlefield fanfare to a trailer of solitaire and it'll give me a tingle. Still reminds me of the good old days of AGS.

P.P.S - Come to think of it the concept of a territorial metagame is really cool. All they woul dhave to do is put everyone in a persistent Europe and it would basically be the Battlefield/WWII Online game I was wishing for ever since 42. If this is the closest I can get to that dream game then I'll take it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008



PS - I got 100 problems.
Anyone remember that?

A stroke of genius

Garfield minus Garfield

P.S. Laura can you do your thing you do to make the head post stay at the top for a little while?


Great example of rule whatever
Esurance girl porn (I don't have to say it do I? nsfw)

And my new favorite video ever. Kinda nsfw

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ball pit part 2

better than bleach!

So, I saw THIS on the ThinkGeek email I got this morning and I laughed. A lot.

See, for those of you who don't know (or I don't call up crying about dead babies) I've been taking and Intro to Global Public Health class this semester.

We had a lecture discussing the importance of clean water and sanitation in preventing people from fucking dying, and one of the interventions they came up with (that never caught on in developing countries) is being sold on ThinkGeek in snazzy colors.

What the fuck.

Read This.

And This.

I respect the hell out of people who work in public health. It takes guts and optimism like you wouldn't believe. They're working against the hugest obstacles to stop people from dying, and you know what? They make a difference.

PS - You can purify two liters of water in a coke bottle by leaving it out in the sun for 4 hours.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update to Moment of Truth.

Stupid bitch gets bitched out by karma.

10 posts away from 2500...

Funny story Alex wanted me to tell...

I was walking out of the alleyway next to the firehouse to cross the street when I stopped to let a car pass. A motorcycle cop with the sweetest sidecar passed by as well.

I was so busy drooling over the sidecar I failed to notice Pat was on the other side of the street looking at me like he just realized how fucking insane I actually am.

Kind of a "you had to be there" story, but Alex found it amusing because she wished she had seen the sidecar.

We both want to ride in a sweet sidecar.

EDIT: Just to make this not so pointless...

Humorous Pictures
Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

Moment of Truth

Funny review. Text version, there's a video under the title, but its ny1, so it's in fucking realplayer format. Maybe they're running a museum or something.


Quote + Link and I'm done for the night

"Hey wilson what're you up to?"
"Oh just carving a canoe"
"Hmm, sounds hard"
"Not really, you just get a block of wood and carve away everything that isn't a canoe"

Dude throwing an axe upside-down in midair

Hey who still smokes?

Oh yeah rich.

And Roma? I don't SEE HER ENOUGH to know.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Obama apologizes for cockblocking reporter.


Cool photoessay Awesome shantyhouse at the end made of like 50% windows.

Theological debate. (youtube) Basically for our local religion major.

EDIT: I just watched the entire thing. 11 minutes of debate makes the ending so much better.


BREAKING: Cutest Kid Ever discovered

I want a daughter just like that.

Kudos to Steve for finding it.

Surprisingly not nsfw and interesting

Posting the link rather than just stealing it. Careful, spoilers in the comments. Feel free to continue the game here.

EDIT: Sorry, game ended really fast, but you can still check it out and continue it.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saw this....

Reminded me of this....

Great idea or Lawsuit waiting to happen?

Yay nsfw!

Looks like a WWI tank or something. Dunno, naked chick next to it.

Random story. interesting.

Best ever slagging off of a German:

German pilot, German airline, German airport: Asks tower a question in German.

Tower (in English): If you want an answer you must ask in English.

German: Im German, in Germany, flying a German plane.. why do I have to speak English?

English pilot: Because you lost the bloody war…


Friday, February 22, 2008

Um fastest camera in the world?

Is here.

That is all.


Strange site

They don't even fit...



So in my Television Aesthetics class we had to bring in a DVD of a television show for our projects. Me and this kid ended up bringing in the same exact Battlestar Galactica disk and we were talking about how too many people give the show a bad rap or never give it a chance. Then he told me that he got his entire family and friends into the show. I got no one. Rich found the show on his own and he can attest to how awesome it is. So give it a chance!

"This version of Battlestar Galactica is so insanely amazing. If you haven't seen this show yet, throw together a few shekels, set aside a few hours, and get your hands on the DVD box sets. I mean, my affection for this program actually inspired me to go to a fucking panel and sit in the audience like every other fanboy and fangirl."
-Kevin Smith

Ours was better.

In concept if not execution. Hey rob, did you ever develop that roll anyway?

Okay, I've used the expression "there are no words" before. But I'm retiring it with this picture.(NSFW)

Random top 10 something or other post

Anyway, I want a serious-ish work-ish email, but I don't want firstname.lastname or something boring and long like that. Ideas?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HI ED!!!

funny pictures
moar humorous pics

My condolences...

K last one


Sorry, but I think this is so impressive that it deserves its own post.

It goes from the most intricate to the most minimalistic things, all out of paper.


Sorry, falling behind on the internets again

I think this should be the blog's avatar

EDIT: No, make that the sig, the avatar should always be boobs.

Funny picture, if you read the article you will be angry at stupid fucking people. Bitch wants compensation. Owner said "it was only supposed to be seen by restaraunt staff" as if that makes it okay.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hey look what I found by accident (To: Rich, Violet, Rob)

I figured out...

...something that would get me as excited as Rob gets for Star Wars...

Black Grace

All male, Pacific Islander, modern dance group, that I have tickets for...


Edit: The video gets really good at 2:30.

Monday, February 18, 2008

In Fiji

Editing Time: 5 hours

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pretty Interesting

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Future is ..near

Wouldn't you like to write to yourself 10 years? Sure you would, not only does it take up 5 minutes but ten years later you got an e-mail from yourself 10 years back. Genius

I just installed stumble yesterday. :-)

Here's another site of Epic proportions. GAMES! That should waste like a week of everyone's life, if not more. I think my job here is done.


Also, Nikola Tesla: Greatest Hacker Ever.

Sort of long, but worth the read.

Spoiler: He made hundred-foot arcs of lightning just for fun.

Rule 36 (sorta nsfw, funny not gross)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

awesome awesome AWESOME!

August 15th 2008, boys and girls. Reserve the date.


It's a 100 minute animated film about the Clone Wars that sets the stage for the new animated series set to launch after that. This teaser came out for what we thought was the new show a while back (last May?) but now we know it's from the movie thats coming out in only seven months!

I can't wait. I'm gonna nerd out just like I did with Episode 3.

The Teaser Trailer I mentioned.

I really love the style, and Lucas is only executive producing it so no wooden dialog FTW!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Admin Note:

Hi Violet!!!!

Violet's first post

I promise to spell everything correctly and put commas where they're supposed to be.

Picture's from "Chronicles of Charley James:"

My favs:

Accident much?

Steve texting laura as usual

I've got it. It's not butter!

steve and rob doing what they do best

And here's the rest:


Practical use for Post-its

I've got a feeling the old police will be on me for this one but fuck it I think its funny.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hey so how awesome is Dubai?

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LED sign


18. A baby doctor is a _________.?
fucking fast learner

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