Wednesday, March 05, 2008


me (2:22:15 PM): how about you, any work, or all just press packets?
bob (2:22:36 PM): i worked on a gogol bordello music video
bob (2:22:40 PM): the thing I tried to get you on
bob (2:22:54 PM):
me (2:23:15 PM): YOU'RE KIDDING ME
bob (2:23:28 PM): no
me (2:23:33 PM): I just fucking drove to philly last saturday to see them fucking play, they mentioned filming a video
bob (2:23:44 PM): i didnt know you were a fan
bob (2:23:48 PM): id never heard of them
bob (2:23:57 PM): you could have come and worked for free
bob (2:24:05 PM): 2 20 hour days
me (2:24:05 PM): I can't believe I missed that shit
bob (2:24:11 PM): ok im an idiot
bob (2:24:16 PM): next time i will fill you in more


Blogger Laura said...

I suppose that's my fault, right?

10:17 PM  
Blogger STIFIN said...

Uh, what?

11:14 PM  

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