Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Confession from

My girlfriend has always swallowed my load promptly and properly, but lately she insists on saying "yuckie" after she makes sure she didn't spill any. What is the fucking purpose of this? Yuckie? I don't make you swallow it, you choose to, so don't tell me my shit tastes bad. What even makes her think im listening to what's going on. I just had a bunch of semen sucked out of my balls and am pretty much in a trance right now. Why would her sensitive little taste buds be a worry to me? Next time she looks at me and makes that "yuck" sound i'm going to hawk a snot rocket in her mouth, knee her in the jaw and say "There, wash it down with that". Not to mention the fact that read about vegtables in Cosmopolitan or something about making jizz taste better. I tried it and after I eat an arugula or whatever, she gives me a half ass blowjob like she's at a wine tasting. That's not sweet tea coming out, you can't put it back and add more sugar. I'm enraged, I must quit typing now.


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