Sunday, January 25, 2009

Polyphasic Sleep

I want to try this during the summer when I have time, just out of pure curiosity. Supposedly you can train your body to go immediately into REM sleep cycle which is the most important part of the sleep cycle in which your brain gets the most rest.

" Of these[sleep stages], stage 5 REM sleep has been found to be the part of the cycle that provides the benefits of sleep for your mind."

The annoying part is you cant miss one of these 5 naps during the day and it takes a lot of discipline to accomplish but if done successfully you can have 22 hours of waking time which raises the question, what the hell would I do for 22 hours? I don't think I could survive for much long on this sleep schedule without going insane but its worth a try.

The link explaining it:

at the end of the link he has posts following his progress experimenting with this sleep schedule.

Only reason to do this is if you can set your own schedule or work for yourself, which I do and would benefit from a possible of 22 hours a day of being awake.

"Okay, over the course of a normal 8-hour sleep, your body gets an accumulated 1.5 hours or so of REM sleep (deep, dreaming sleep). REM sleep is absolutely vital to your mind and body's condition and you will die without it; the other stages of sleep do little more than provide time for the body to rest and grow and heal. On that note, I would not suggest this schedule under any circumstances to someone under 18 or anyone sick with anything--you all need as much sleep as you can get."


Blogger Ed Pereira said...

Haha, just because there is a bare minimum doesn't mean its the only sleep you need.

Your body does a ton of stuff while you're sleeping outside of the ridiculousness of REM sleep.

Also, I don't know first hand how difficult your work is, but an engineer working more than 8 hours (on this schedule you might be looking at 16 hours i assume) and only getting 2 hours of sleep (even if its crazy REM sleep) will probably be adding in more bugs than they are fixing them.

3:40 PM  
Blogger JERKFISH! said...

But then when will you be able to fit in time to do all that Astral Plane Traveling?!?!?

8:31 PM  
Blogger Richard Eichele said...

well in the last paragraph it said how the bare minimum isn't enough that your body accomplishes other things then shutting down your neurons and resting, it is the rest of your body as well that takes it time to heal and grow. Its not how long you sleep that determines the level of restfulness but how much of the 5th stage that you enter and how long it takes for your body to enter and stay in it. The astral traveling is just a lucid dreaming which is your mind tricking you into having fantastic experiences during the dream state that I researched for therapeutic purposes.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Ed Pereira said...

Dreams are the biproduct of a massive amount of reconstruction and calculations that your brain performs and has nothing to do with anything.

Oh no, it's your brain tricking you into relaxing. Of course. Nightmares are just when you're brain wants an adrenaline fix. Fucking brains are are just meth addicts, I sware.

3:21 AM  
Blogger STIFIN said...


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