Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An even bettter one:

Dear Bill Gates,

I am not enclosing my resume, because I think it's irrelevant. I've been fired from almost every job I've ever had. My best friends from Elementary school are both in prison. I am writing because if I were as rich as you I would have filters in place, people watching the thousands of incoming messages, looking for letters like this one - bringing those letters to my attention. I can save the world. I do not want a salary. Listen.



Understanding woman-speak…
1.) Fine : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut the fuck up.

2.) Five Minutes : If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch tv before helping around the house.

3.) Nothing : This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with ‘nothing’ usually end in ‘fine’.

4.) Go Ahead : This is a dare, not permission. For fuck’s sake, don’t do it!

5.) Loud Sigh : This isn’t actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about ‘nothing’. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.)

6.) That’s Okay : This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. That’s okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

7.) Thanks : A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say, ‘You’re welcome.’

8.) Whatever : Is a women’s way of saying FUCK YOU!

9.) Don’t worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing herself. This will later result in a man asking ‘What’s wrong?’ For the woman’s response, refer to #3 then RUN!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


You should probably check out his other song, Cool In the Pool as well. That was the bassist for another pretty cool band back in the day called CAN as seen below.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Whedonverse question

Has anybody been watching Castle and Dollhouse? Whats with the laser tag and where can I get me one?!?! Its like ultra nerd toy! WANT WANT WANT

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Steve you better fix your 360 by then.
Ed you better own a 360 by then.
Madman you better be playing on your 360 by then.

Found my next MMO.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Caprica was an awesome pilot, and at 95 minutes, it would pass as a movie. I highly suggest you all check it out, but even if you don't, check out the trailer above.

So what do you all think? Would you side with the Adamas who think the idea of making an exact copy of someone lost is an abomination or with the Greysons who see it as a way to bring their daughter back (as Daniel puts it "A difference that makes no difference IS no difference.)

I mean show plot aside, it's a question about AI and robots. Would you support or be against the concept of creating life through technology? Let er rip. Lets not let the blog just turn into the offspring of Digg and Reddit. Get talking.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009


So I found my old blog from high school and went back to the first couple of posts. I found this conversation about time travel that we had. Didn't bother to read it.

(10:43:45 PM) You have just entered room "time travel."
(10:43:48 PM) Crashwithuhk has entered the room.
(10:43:49 PM) EMPColombia has entered the room.
Crashwithuhk (10:43:55 PM): Steve
Crashwithuhk (10:43:58 PM): how are we wrong
Snailsoup02 (10:44:00 PM): yeah
EMPColombia (10:44:03 PM): not possible for both to be wrong
EMPColombia (10:44:11 PM): its either yes time travel or no time travel
EMPColombia (10:44:15 PM): he says yes, i say no
Crashwithuhk (10:44:21 PM): Yno
EMPColombia (10:44:22 PM): how are we both wrong?
Crashwithuhk (10:44:24 PM): Nos
Snailsoup02 (10:44:30 PM): ok, your reasons are wrong,
Snailsoup02 (10:44:33 PM): i say no
Crashwithuhk (10:44:39 PM): No its not possible?
Snailsoup02 (10:44:45 PM): yeah
Crashwithuhk (10:44:47 PM): Why
Snailsoup02 (10:44:51 PM): its been said there are 4dimensions
Crashwithuhk (10:45:15 PM): right.
Snailsoup02 (10:45:21 PM): up/down; left/right; foward/ back; and time
Crashwithuhk (10:45:25 PM): Lenght, Width Height and TIme
Snailsoup02 (10:45:36 PM): and we are constantly moving through time
Crashwithuhk (10:45:50 PM): And occasionally moving up down left right forward and back
Snailsoup02 (10:45:54 PM): yeah
Crashwithuhk (10:45:56 PM): yea
Snailsoup02 (10:46:11 PM): basically what i am saying is no time travel
Snailsoup02 (10:46:15 PM): not possible
Crashwithuhk (10:46:19 PM): How
Crashwithuhk (10:46:25 PM): prove or theorize it
Snailsoup02 (10:46:51 PM): you cant go back because of the grandfather paradox (the movie the time machine)
Crashwithuhk (10:47:05 PM): The Grandfather Paradox?
Crashwithuhk (10:47:09 PM): what?
Snailsoup02 (10:47:43 PM): that if you went back in time and killed your grandfather before you were born, you would never be born, therefore never treaveling through time
Snailsoup02 (10:47:59 PM): right?
Crashwithuhk (10:48:24 PM): if there are people in the past
Crashwithuhk (10:48:33 PM): Think about travel int he 3 prime dimesntions
EMPColombia (10:48:42 PM): that idea goes along with the idea that we are the start of the circle
Snailsoup02 (10:48:54 PM): which i didnt get
Crashwithuhk (10:48:55 PM): if we moves forward and turn aroudn and go back
Crashwithuhk (10:49:05 PM): we will find our parents grandparents?
Snailsoup02 (10:49:09 PM): no
Crashwithuhk (10:49:10 PM): hold on
Snailsoup02 (10:49:14 PM): ok
EMPColombia (10:49:21 PM): ...
Crashwithuhk (10:49:50 PM): ok back
Snailsoup02 (10:49:52 PM): ok
Crashwithuhk (10:49:54 PM): I have to reowwrd it
Snailsoup02 (10:50:11 PM): go ahead
Crashwithuhk (10:50:12 PM): Time travel in theory is travel
Crashwithuhk (10:50:20 PM): its traveling along a timeline faster then normal
Crashwithuhk (10:50:34 PM): correct?
Snailsoup02 (10:50:41 PM): yeah
Crashwithuhk (10:50:46 PM): Well think about it like this
Snailsoup02 (10:50:47 PM): or slower
Crashwithuhk (10:50:55 PM): Time travel is driving a car and normal pace is walking
Crashwithuhk (10:51:06 PM): if people walk from point x and you travel in a car from point x faster
Crashwithuhk (10:51:18 PM): either way point X is no longer occupied
Snailsoup02 (10:51:24 PM): yes
Snailsoup02 (10:51:28 PM): i agree with that
Crashwithuhk (10:51:29 PM): so if we were top drive back..t he poeple walkign are gone.. we travel
Crashwithuhk (10:51:41 PM): so what if goign back in time.. brings us to a deserted planet
Crashwithuhk (10:51:43 PM): no ones there
Crashwithuhk (10:51:47 PM): They are in the present
Snailsoup02 (10:51:56 PM): if somehow you could go back, there would be nothing there
EMPColombia (10:52:08 PM): ya, it wouldnt just be deserted
Crashwithuhk (10:52:12 PM): with the exception of dead matter and things that wouldnt move on
Snailsoup02 (10:52:15 PM): because all of existence is moving through time
Crashwithuhk (10:52:20 PM): exactly
Crashwithuhk (10:52:53 PM): THen the Grandfather Paradox would be viod
Crashwithuhk (10:52:56 PM): void*
EMPColombia (10:53:07 PM): how does this go along with the idea that time travel is possible?
Crashwithuhk (10:53:08 PM): because there would be no grandfather to kill
Snailsoup02 (10:53:21 PM): yes, but it doesnt matter
Snailsoup02 (10:53:28 PM): either way
Snailsoup02 (10:54:11 PM): if there is nothing there, that doesnt prove that you cant go back
Crashwithuhk (10:54:16 PM): You can
Crashwithuhk (10:54:21 PM): but there wont be anythign there
Crashwithuhk (10:54:24 PM): it will be pointless
Crashwithuhk (10:54:26 PM): but you can
Snailsoup02 (10:54:29 PM): and then you die
Crashwithuhk (10:54:41 PM): why do you say that
Snailsoup02 (10:54:42 PM): how do you propose to do this
Snailsoup02 (10:54:49 PM): no oxygen
Snailsoup02 (10:54:53 PM): no nothing
EMPColombia (10:54:54 PM): how do u propose to die, no planet!
Snailsoup02 (10:55:06 PM): you are there so you can die
Snailsoup02 (10:55:21 PM): the planet has nothing to do with your death
Snailsoup02 (10:55:51 PM): ok, so the point about coming back in time
Crashwithuhk (10:55:58 PM): What if...
Snailsoup02 (10:56:18 PM): what
Snailsoup02 (10:56:46 PM): what you were talking about with the people popping out of space
Crashwithuhk (10:56:47 PM): thats not ht ecase.. what every every moment of time .. every moment that existed.. becomes the past in that sttae. Im having trouble explaining it
Crashwithuhk (10:56:59 PM): Like think of it like a copy
Crashwithuhk (10:57:10 PM): Every moment is a copy ont he timeline. Like a flip book
Snailsoup02 (10:57:12 PM): yeah, thats what i was going to say
Crashwithuhk (10:57:19 PM): Every moments a frame
Crashwithuhk (10:57:32 PM): and you can travel (rewind) back to the fram you want and resume from there
Snailsoup02 (10:58:36 PM): if time travel was possible, there would have to be a copy of everything everywhere in every moment in time, not millisecond or anythign, every moment, constant.
Crashwithuhk (10:58:43 PM): yes
Crashwithuhk (10:58:53 PM): and time travel is just goign back to the moment you specify
Snailsoup02 (10:59:03 PM): that way you can go back (or foward) and interact with it
Crashwithuhk (10:59:22 PM): ah not not forward if we are the first (my people popping out of nowhere fromt he future idea)
EMPColombia (10:59:28 PM): but how is it possible to specify how far u go back or forward?
Snailsoup02 (10:59:35 PM): you cant
EMPColombia (10:59:40 PM): exactly
Snailsoup02 (10:59:42 PM): because you cant time travel
Crashwithuhk (10:59:48 PM): How is it possible to specifly how far forward of bakc you travel
Crashwithuhk (10:59:50 PM): with your sences
Crashwithuhk (10:59:51 PM): eyes
Crashwithuhk (11:00:00 PM): i see the red line.. ic an specify that imw alkign to the red line
Snailsoup02 (11:00:13 PM): thats only if you could travel without artificial aid
Crashwithuhk (11:00:17 PM): I see time rewinding before my eyes
Snailsoup02 (11:00:18 PM): and you cant
Crashwithuhk (11:00:26 PM): Like the time machine
Crashwithuhk (11:00:35 PM): he saw the world changing aroudn him
EMPColombia (11:00:49 PM): but did he set a date to jump to?
Snailsoup02 (11:00:53 PM): ok, assuming that there are copies of us in everymoment in time
Crashwithuhk (11:00:55 PM): if he didnt have that little date guage he can still stopt he machine based on what hes seeing
Crashwithuhk (11:00:58 PM): no
Crashwithuhk (11:01:12 PM): he just pullt he lever until he decided to stop and stopped it
Crashwithuhk (11:01:20 PM): not liek back to the future where he set a date
Snailsoup02 (11:02:13 PM): ok, assuming that there are copies of us in everymoment in time and we are not the beginning of the timeline or loop, then if someone traveled back in i just had some profoundly confusing thoughts
Crashwithuhk (11:02:23 PM): ha
Snailsoup02 (11:02:37 PM): ok, i'm not trying to prove a specific point anymore
Snailsoup02 (11:02:41 PM): listen
Crashwithuhk (11:02:51 PM): ok
Snailsoup02 (11:03:15 PM): if someone came back in time, and interacted with someone in the past
Snailsoup02 (11:03:28 PM): would they change the whole chain of events
Crashwithuhk (11:03:33 PM): They could
Crashwithuhk (11:03:45 PM): But what if it turns out we live in a universe of predestined fate
Snailsoup02 (11:03:47 PM): therefore changing every copy of every moment
Crashwithuhk (11:03:51 PM): liek int he time machine
Snailsoup02 (11:03:52 PM): BUT WAIT
Crashwithuhk (11:03:57 PM): his fiance was destined to die
Snailsoup02 (11:04:01 PM): no, that wasnt fate
Crashwithuhk (11:04:08 PM): he went back and changed it and saver her
Crashwithuhk (11:04:11 PM): and she died anyway
Snailsoup02 (11:04:12 PM): it was the grandfather paradox
Crashwithuhk (11:04:30 PM): and he said it.. no matter how many times i go back and svae her shes goign to why
Crashwithuhk (11:04:34 PM): he couldnt change the past
Snailsoup02 (11:04:37 PM): except with alittle stupid intervention to prove the point
Crashwithuhk (11:04:49 PM): die*
Snailsoup02 (11:04:49 PM): it was the grandfather paradox
Snailsoup02 (11:05:27 PM): if he saved her he wouldve had no reason to build the time machine and therefore wouldve had no way to save her
Snailsoup02 (11:05:37 PM): and repeat and repeat and repeat
Snailsoup02 (11:05:47 PM): but hold on
Crashwithuhk (11:06:05 PM): wasnt he working ont he time machien anyway?
Crashwithuhk (11:06:08 PM): before hand
Crashwithuhk (11:06:11 PM): at his house?
Snailsoup02 (11:06:11 PM): no
Crashwithuhk (11:06:23 PM): But wait
Crashwithuhk (11:06:29 PM): if thats the case.. what you said
Crashwithuhk (11:06:38 PM): then ithe chain would cause a new time matrix
Snailsoup02 (11:06:40 PM): waitwaitwait
Snailsoup02 (11:06:46 PM): before i forget
Crashwithuhk (11:06:54 PM): and she would instantly die.. in like a wave.. woosh it all changes and she dies
Crashwithuhk (11:07:12 PM): ok
Snailsoup02 (11:07:56 PM): if the person from the future changed the past, would it change the whole chain of events OR would the person only change those few(trillions and trillions if they are moments) copies of moments that he interacted with?
Crashwithuhk (11:08:23 PM): Wouldnt it change everything
Crashwithuhk (11:08:26 PM): think about it
Crashwithuhk (11:08:35 PM): all events are primarily based from other events
EMPColombia (11:08:58 PM): thats the grandfather paradox...
Crashwithuhk (11:08:59 PM): I mean sure the change would go from very detailed to light change
Snailsoup02 (11:09:02 PM): but think about it as a flip book
Crashwithuhk (11:09:11 PM): pre destined fate though
Snailsoup02 (11:09:26 PM): if you change one frame it only changes that frame
EMPColombia (11:09:30 PM): ur getting that fate from a movie
Snailsoup02 (11:09:34 PM): yeah
Crashwithuhk (11:09:37 PM): BUT
Crashwithuhk (11:09:56 PM): it you change one frame the frames afterwards make no sence..they become out of place.. so they readjust
Crashwithuhk (11:10:00 PM): making a new animation
Snailsoup02 (11:10:10 PM): no
Snailsoup02 (11:10:18 PM): because they are just copies
Snailsoup02 (11:10:22 PM): like an archive
EMPColombia (11:10:49 PM): i think i understand, it wouldnt shift, u kill somebody and pop there back up?
Crashwithuhk (11:11:02 PM): think of this situation
Crashwithuhk (11:11:06 PM): a know a guy who shoots himself
Crashwithuhk (11:11:07 PM): he dies
Crashwithuhk (11:11:12 PM): blah blah stuff happens
Crashwithuhk (11:11:20 PM): if i go back.. take his gun and convince him he should live
Crashwithuhk (11:11:42 PM): then he lives.. does something different and everything fromt hat point is different fromt he origional situation
Snailsoup02 (11:12:57 PM): you'd have to personally change every frame after that up until the present, which is relative (its the same as saying 'im here') and time is constantly progressing so as soon as you stopped.....maybe your right
Crashwithuhk (11:13:19 PM): thats if your still tryign to comapre it to a n animation
Crashwithuhk (11:13:22 PM): but its life
Snailsoup02 (11:13:40 PM): maybe your right
Crashwithuhk (11:13:44 PM): if ed shot himself now.. and he died and things happened because of that,... and in my griefe built a machien and went back and stopped him
Snailsoup02 (11:13:57 PM): well hed save me some work
Crashwithuhk (11:13:58 PM): he would do actions that differ from the one he would do if he were dead meaning different reactions
Crashwithuhk (11:14:01 PM): a whole new chain
EMPColombia (11:14:13 PM): lol
Snailsoup02 (11:14:14 PM): possibly
Crashwithuhk (11:14:17 PM): now thinka bout this
Crashwithuhk (11:14:27 PM): Think hard about everythign you did today
EMPColombia (11:14:36 PM): hmmmmmmm
EMPColombia (11:14:36 PM): hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
EMPColombia (11:14:36 PM): ok
Crashwithuhk (11:14:41 PM): believe it or not im sure a good amount of the actions were my chance
Crashwithuhk (11:14:51 PM): you didnt plan to type a word the second you did
EMPColombia (11:14:54 PM): were ur chance?
Snailsoup02 (11:14:55 PM): yeah
Crashwithuhk (11:14:59 PM): you commonly just randommly do it
Crashwithuhk (11:15:03 PM): by*
Crashwithuhk (11:15:09 PM): well if you go back in time
Crashwithuhk (11:15:18 PM): your rewinding and refreashing that moment in time
Crashwithuhk (11:15:23 PM): and you re live it
Crashwithuhk (11:15:34 PM): what if everyone int he world does things offset
Crashwithuhk (11:15:50 PM): i mean what are the odd of them doing half the things they did at the exact time again
Crashwithuhk (11:16:11 PM): in that case things change and it means that you can never relive the same timelime twice
Snailsoup02 (11:16:38 PM): yes
Snailsoup02 (11:16:45 PM): BUT two thing
Snailsoup02 (11:16:45 PM): s
Crashwithuhk (11:16:52 PM): yea?
Snailsoup02 (11:17:13 PM): it depends on if the moments can influence eachother
Snailsoup02 (11:17:20 PM): and hold on
Snailsoup02 (11:17:37 PM): we are talking about the theory of time as a dimenson here
Crashwithuhk (11:17:55 PM): we are babbling
Snailsoup02 (11:18:02 PM): it all depends on the other debate of can you actually travel through time
Crashwithuhk (11:18:13 PM): well
Crashwithuhk (11:18:18 PM): you can travel forward and bakc right?
Crashwithuhk (11:18:21 PM): left and right?
Crashwithuhk (11:18:25 PM): Up and down.. no
Snailsoup02 (11:18:27 PM): you cant go foward(in time
Snailsoup02 (11:18:31 PM): )
Crashwithuhk (11:18:32 PM): Youc an jump but you always fall abck down
Crashwithuhk (11:18:37 PM): Sure you can
Crashwithuhk (11:18:41 PM): we are doign it right now
Crashwithuhk (11:18:56 PM): the question is can we build a machien to go forward faster then the norm
Snailsoup02 (11:19:02 PM): no i mean skip a hundred years
Crashwithuhk (11:19:07 PM): just as we built cars to go forward and back faster then the norm
Snailsoup02 (11:19:09 PM): but i just disproved myself
Crashwithuhk (11:19:32 PM): Planes to go up and down faster then the norm
Crashwithuhk (11:19:48 PM): Compare time travel and height travel
Crashwithuhk (11:20:03 PM): we can jump and crouch but we ultametly alwasy end up in the same space
Crashwithuhk (11:20:19 PM): just as we can dream about the future and remember the past but we always end up back int he present
Crashwithuhk (11:20:29 PM): but one we built a plane we can go as high as we want
Crashwithuhk (11:20:41 PM): and then with drillers go far down
Snailsoup02 (11:20:59 PM): (special?)theory of relativity: there are 4dimensions (mentioned earlier) and we are constantly moving through the 4th, time. the faster you go through space, the slower you go through time, making them inversely proportional.
Snailsoup02 (11:21:45 PM): so you can slow yourself down, and let the world pass you by, but you cant just skip a chunk of time
Crashwithuhk (11:22:02 PM): But if mentally you dont experience the world pass you by
Crashwithuhk (11:22:07 PM): isnt that passing a chucnk
Crashwithuhk (11:22:22 PM): if i was frozen in a pod and woke up ina hundred years.. iw as asleep an instant for me
Crashwithuhk (11:22:29 PM): in a sence i did pass a chunk
Snailsoup02 (11:22:41 PM): thats just how you percieve it
Crashwithuhk (11:22:56 PM): but if freezing me stops my body from aging or developing
Crashwithuhk (11:23:06 PM): im stopping.. letting the world grow old.. and then waking
(11:23:14 PM) EMPColombia has left the room.
Snailsoup02 (11:23:18 PM): yes, but youd have to go to absolute zero and have no volume
Snailsoup02 (11:23:25 PM): ed's an idiot
Crashwithuhk (11:23:27 PM): yes
Crashwithuhk (11:23:40 PM): but peopel now are being frozen.. correct?
Crashwithuhk (11:23:49 PM): most have a disease and they are waiting for a cure
Crashwithuhk (11:23:53 PM): oh wait
Snailsoup02 (11:24:01 PM): yeah, but they are not completley stopped in time
Crashwithuhk (11:24:16 PM): but if they dont age or develop does it matter
Snailsoup02 (11:24:20 PM): thier cells are still moving ever so slightly
Snailsoup02 (11:24:25 PM): BUT
Crashwithuhk (11:24:40 PM): Austin Powers (just bare with me) he was frozen
Crashwithuhk (11:24:50 PM): to him he was frozen,a nd thawed year later in an instant
Crashwithuhk (11:24:55 PM): is that not time trael for him?
Snailsoup02 (11:25:04 PM): thats just how you percieve it
Snailsoup02 (11:25:09 PM): same as sleep
Snailsoup02 (11:25:22 PM): do you remember what happened when you went to sleep?
Snailsoup02 (11:25:33 PM): you didnt travel through time
Crashwithuhk (11:25:36 PM): while i was asleep you mean?
Snailsoup02 (11:25:39 PM): yeah
Snailsoup02 (11:25:49 PM): you went to sleep and woke up
Snailsoup02 (11:25:51 PM): thats it
Snailsoup02 (11:25:59 PM): forget dreams
Crashwithuhk (11:26:02 PM): I fell unconsoius at one poijnt
Crashwithuhk (11:26:07 PM): and woke hour and hours later
Snailsoup02 (11:26:07 PM): exactly
Snailsoup02 (11:26:47 PM): oh, if you let time pass you by, you are just moving slower through time
Crashwithuhk (11:27:00 PM): not true
Crashwithuhk (11:27:05 PM): I fell asleep.. hours passed me by
Crashwithuhk (11:27:18 PM): I was movign at hte same rate i always do
Snailsoup02 (11:27:21 PM): no, i mean theory of relativity
Crashwithuhk (11:27:24 PM): second bys econd
Crashwithuhk (11:27:27 PM): minute by minute
Snailsoup02 (11:27:45 PM): moving so fast you are slowing your passage through time
Crashwithuhk (11:27:54 PM): thats an oxymoron to me
Crashwithuhk (11:27:58 PM): i dont see any logic int hat
Crashwithuhk (11:28:14 PM): if you move slower you more slower...
Snailsoup02 (11:28:29 PM): moving so fast through space that you slow your passage through time, 2 different dimenstions
Crashwithuhk (11:28:30 PM): if you move slower... everything else int he universe may move faster then you
Snailsoup02 (11:28:47 PM): i dont have time do draw this out i have to sign off, but listen
Crashwithuhk (11:29:26 PM): ?
Snailsoup02 (11:30:27 PM): if you slow your passage through time, its like a race or a highway, (assuming the future is behind you, waiting to use the space you are using in your time) then the present passes you by and you speed up in the future, now your pr
Snailsoup02 (11:30:36 PM): now your present
Crashwithuhk (11:30:53 PM): i see
Snailsoup02 (11:31:00 PM): thank you
Crashwithuhk (11:31:11 PM): but passage..
Crashwithuhk (11:31:11 PM): i mean
Crashwithuhk (11:31:29 PM): what if you had the technology to create a feild where everything in it moves slower.
Crashwithuhk (11:31:34 PM): Who said a time machien had to move
Crashwithuhk (11:31:40 PM): like the way the machien int he movie works
Snailsoup02 (11:31:51 PM): the theory of relativity
Crashwithuhk (11:31:52 PM): Maybe a day to everyone is 1/00th of a second to him
Crashwithuhk (11:31:57 PM): I know
Crashwithuhk (11:32:42 PM): i just dont see how he needed to add the space into it. Maybe if i add the machien tot the bottom of my chair i can practice that theory in my own room
Crashwithuhk (11:33:01 PM): The idea of a force feild or a area of space moving much much slower then everythign else
Snailsoup02 (11:33:29 PM): i had a popsci article on this, maybe you can find it on the site, i have to go, we will continue another time (hahahahhahaha...time...get it)

New video by Depeche Mode :P

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A message to madman


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The greatest thing ever

Fucking Amazing

Britain's Got Talent 09

This chick is amazing:

YouTube Video

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Because vaginas and cars are pretty similar. If you have kids they both become larger and less luxurious.

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Funny songs

I love pandora, thats enough of an explanation.

This one is kind of out of date, but its still hilarious.

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    My mind has been blown, Robot Scientist!

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    Durex bunnies!

    Funniest commercial of condoms i've ever seen.