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Caprica was an awesome pilot, and at 95 minutes, it would pass as a movie. I highly suggest you all check it out, but even if you don't, check out the trailer above.

So what do you all think? Would you side with the Adamas who think the idea of making an exact copy of someone lost is an abomination or with the Greysons who see it as a way to bring their daughter back (as Daniel puts it "A difference that makes no difference IS no difference.)

I mean show plot aside, it's a question about AI and robots. Would you support or be against the concept of creating life through technology? Let er rip. Lets not let the blog just turn into the offspring of Digg and Reddit. Get talking.


Blogger violetnewyork said...

i loved it. really good actors i gotta say. Although I need another starbuck to continue following.. lol As for the pro and against the AI and stuff I'm with Greystone, I think I'd feel the same way if it ever came to that. yup yup i have spoken lol

1:36 AM  
Blogger Richard Eichele said...

I believe I would be just as freaked out about bringing back a loved one like Adama was and I feel like morally their could be no such thing as a soul in that case. As for creating an AI, we all know that no-one is ready to deal with or will be prepared to treat the software like a real emotional being and would be inevitably scared of it.

1:44 AM  
Blogger JERKFISH! said...

"we all know that no-one is ready to deal with or will be prepared to treat the software like a real emotional being"

I disagree. I think we would be too quick to forget that they're just computer programs/robots.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Ed Pereira said...

I was thinking about this, trying to come up with a post. So, I am going to only respond with what I was thinking.

The concept of something receiving a soul upon conception is a bit odd. It is the belief that this is in fact when it happens, since abortion is considered murder. So the question is, is it the moment a human sperm enters a human egg that the soul is placed into the egg as well? Is the soul divided between the egg and sperm and upon connection it becomes one soul? Is it the very act of sex that creates a soul? Why? Why can't any living human receive a soul upon conception?

Do animals have souls? If not, at what point did humans get souls in the chain of evolution? Or do we just throw evolution out the window? I know some do, but is it necessary to believe in souls?

Can a plant have a soul?

And then the real question, what separates an animal from a robot? Could the robot receive a soul upon activation? What if the robot was built from nanobots that started from an egg-bot and a sperm-bot? Would that then give the robot a soul?

1:38 AM  
Blogger JERKFISH! said...

See the soul thing never bothered me. I really don't believe in souls. I think what people call a soul is just that person's cumulative personality that's built up over their lifetime from their experiences. So if according to the show all of that (up until the point they died) can be copied over then I assume their "soul" is copied too.

What gives me trouble is how one would consider this to be the "same person." It really isn't, and unless this copy is literally perfect, you'd never know if the real person would make the same decisions or say the same things.

But even though it seems like the case that they aren't truly the same, I think it would be too easy for people to forget that. I mean you haven't seen the show, but at one point Adama, the father more against the idea gets to meet this exact copy of his daughter and at first all of that resistance goes away and he completely accepts the idea. It doesn't end that way, but the point is the emotions involved with reuniting with a dead loved one would be very dangerous in making people forget that this isn't THE loved one, but a machine copy.

Furthermore, imagine this from the copies perspective. As far as the show, the copy of Zoe KNOWS shes a copy of Zoe, and she is AI for all intents and purposes so she can think and reason and have emotion. So imagine the fucked up complex you gain when you wake up and learn that your entire existence is just meant to emulate someone else's. The second that affects a decision they make then it drives home the concept that they really aren't the same person.

11:45 AM  

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