Monday, June 15, 2009

Duncan Jones: My New Hero

Duncan Jones on "Moon":

"I wanted a completely controlled shooting environment, so we shot everything in sound stages at Shepperton Studios, and we used model miniatures for the lunar exterior sequences. It really was a slightly insane approach, but with the amazingly talented people we had working on the film, we were able to pull it off."

"Jones called the experience “an outrageously, apparently insurmountable challenge.” “The shoot was done at break neck pace,” he said. “Thirty-three days of live action and 8 model miniatures for a film with over 450 effects shots, is crazy."

" Jones isn’t done with sci-fi. He hopes his follow-up project to “Moon” will be a Berlin-based future city thriller called “Mute.” “It takes place in the same time-line as ‘Moon,’” he said. “We’ll have to see how and if we can make it come together, but I would love for that to be next. "


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"It really was a slightly insane approach"

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