Saturday, July 18, 2009

Leave Me Love

Got into the Google Voice Beta.
It rocks. My Google phone number is (608) 432-JERK. Leave me a good voice mail!

So then I can post them on websites like this:

For the record, here is how the transcript came out:

i know if i'm talking on my cell i like the at the central experience i really don't know let's say to myself i guess maybe and i mean the here this later i should talk about the patterson need now and the password and we need to get your this so i guess i can delete it you know exactly what everything that i did so i think i can tell you anything that you except it's pretty are and i hope it's not as hot later on when you hear it but in reality i was just testing the widget on the website and i guess it works so i'm gonna hang up the phone right now and if you could leo wait the transcription of this voicemail to see google book in it so they're going to get in touch


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